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Maker Faire Rome 2021, Main Stage chronicles | Paola Pisano

Did you think it was possible that even diplomacy and its age-old tradition of rituals and protocols could be innovated by technology? Well, yes. This is also happening. More specifically, Artificial Intelligence technologies, those based on algorithms, are the protagonists of a new phase in international strategies, in relations between states and also in the internal organisation of diplomatic structures themselves. Paola Pisano spoke about all this on the Main Stage of Maker Faire Rome 2021. Minister for Technological Innovation and Digitalisation in the Conte II government, Paola Pisano returned to Turin after her political career to teach at the University. She is also an expert consultant on innovation issues for the Farnesina. 

Paola Pisano

“The decisions we make today influence our future,’ said Pisano at the start, ‘and we need to interpret the signals coming from certain trends. This requires mathematical models and data analysis techniques. “Pisano herself acknowledged that ‘Covid has left us with precisely this lesson: we cannot afford to act late and not understand. Italy and Europe must have their say on frontier technologies: Artificial Intelligence and cybersecurity above all. In particular, Paola Pisano focused on how the Farnesina is using Machine Learning technologies “and how they should also be managed from a values point of view”. Ethics, inclusiveness, no gender or ethnic gap.

“Algorithms must be created in a fair way, without repeating the biases of the past. This must not happen. The algorithm must be ethical and transparent. It must give opportunities. Italy and the Farnesina are committed in this direction”.