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Maker Faire Rome 2021, starring projects | Arts

When the world of makers comes into contact with the world of artists working with technology, the result is truly amazing. Not only in terms of the final creation, but also in terms of the entire creative process. Maker Faire Rome 2021 was also this. In the eight previous editions and in this ninth, held from 8 to 10 October 2021 in the ex-Gazometro area. Art, therefore, creativity. Here are just a few, just a few, of the projects that have been featured at the Innovation and Innovators Fair.

Art-House Candle


Fabrizio D’Eramo’s project focuses on the creation of design objects in wax, true sculptures which, once the candle is lit inside, create a play of light and shadow in the environment. The focus of the project is to divulge the workmanship behind each product to bring people closer to the handmade: everyone can participate in rediscovering the pleasure of creating. The intention is also to give a new dignity to the objects we surround ourselves with: no longer mass-produced, but unique pieces, with a story to tell. A story that will never end: every consumed candle, or broken object, can have new life in the hands of the craftsman thanks to the eco-sustainable nature of the initiative.



PoopBot is a robot that combines technology, kawaii and fun. It was created by Giovanni di Dio Bruno, a student of Automation Engineering at the Scuola Politecnica e delle Scienze di Base di Napoli Federico II. 


No one is an island

Riccardo Tesorini’s sound installation stems from the need to reflect on the isolation and emotional disconnection we experience today due to the health emergency. Irreconcilable trajectories, parallel lines, and yet everything is connected and interdependent. Every gesture or action creates a domino effect of consequences. Each individual is divided and separated while remaining transparent, always visible, never graspable. These little boxes are small and fragile entities: some dig through rubble, some don’t know where to hit their head and some, when they brush against each other, produce a small spark. Separate but connected. Accessible but unreachable.

IMAGINARY: Interagire con la Matematica

Interacting with mathematics and creating art: Luciano Teresi puts us to the test with IMAGINARY. Through the applications of you can write and solve algebraic equations that generate surfaces, visualise the relationships between formulas and geometric shapes, analyse the relationships between music and mathematics and much more.

Game Over-Future C(o)ulture

Game Over-Future C(o)ulture is a project conceived and promoted by VILLAM (Cultural Association created to channel creative energies into the field of contemporary art) and realised with Arshake. It is aimed at researching and studying new “cultural entities”, people, objects or research from different disciplines (physics, bio-robotics, AI, agriculture, medicine) and bringing them into the world of art. This is a gesture that goes beyond a simple interdisciplinary dialogue and becomes quite radical: a real ‘transplantation’ of research fields aimed at the preparation of future c(o)ulture, where ‘creativity’ corresponds to ‘invention’ and ‘invention’ corresponds to contributing to a transformation. A spark, a signal of genetic mutation, a change of direction, a short circuit. A different energy that is the signal of a change in progress and that can constitute new lifeblood for the Culture system.




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