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Maker Faire Rome 2021, starring projects | Digito Ergo Sum

It deepens digital knowledge, creates multimedia products and offers learning opportunities through online resources available to all. In short, this is Digito Ergo Sum, a project among the protagonists at Maker Faire Rome 2021. The project, brought to the Fair by its creator Sandra Chistolini, Professor of General and Social Pedagogy at the University of Roma Tre, «is innovative and original in its epistemological nature» explains Chistolini. «Never before have university students been asked to combine the theoretical skills of pedagogy with digital skills and create a multimedia product for a group, accessible on the most popular social networks. The students learned the Decoding the Disciplines method, a link in mastery learning, from Dewey to Bloom to Bruner, and overcame the obstacle of multimedia communication. We have opened up the boundaries of education. The experiment has had a valuable cultural impact».

Maker Faire Rome 2021 – Digito Ergo Sum

I’ll tell you about “my” Maker Faire Rome 2021

Sandra Chistolini said: «Taking part in Maker Faire Rome 2021 was a great opportunity for exchange, knowledge and the sharing of small and great scientific achievements that, without this piazza, we would never have been able to share at such a high level of social, cultural and educational communication. The most exciting memory I have – he added – is that of a lady who, together with a girl in a wheelchair, stopped in curiosity. Our stand was a travelling Lab. The lady asked if we had any ideas for increasing “doing” in the school. Imagine my joy at illustrating Digito Ergo Sum».

Chistolini added: «Our Digital Pedagogy Notebook Project was a challenge at COVID-19 time. Students and teachers challenged themselves and created something absolutely new. Fifteen notebooks, now on all social media, are floating around the web and within them are the traces of the pandemic countered by the innovative drive generated by teamwork. We have stopped the lockdown time by caging it in Notebooks that narrate and question our thoughts».

Great and unique work of popular science

«The testimonies of children and adults from that time are now being rediscovered and re-read with a different kind of eyes and sensitivity. With the visitors – Sandra Chistolini continued – we have had short conversations about this operational way of doing school, and we have often reflected on the encounter between science and culture. It was a very interesting experience that made us active exhibitors in the creation of a scientific language accessible to all. I am looking forward to the next opening of the Fair, now having a little more conviction about the value of this great and unique work of scientific dissemination».



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