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submit by october 15, get a chance to join maker faire Rome 2020


In this rather unsual year, we are gearing up for an edition of Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition that will experiment with new forms of happening & meeting.

For this upcoming 2020 edition, scheduled december 10-13, Maker Faire Rome will take on a hybrid digital-physical (as and where possible) format. We are planning an extensive, multi-channel, physical and virtual event, and we want to build it together with you!

Call for Makers
Join the 2020 Call for Makers!


Call for Makers 2020

#MFR2020 Call for Makers is an opportunity to submit (deadline: october 15) your projects and innovative tech-oriented ideas and inventions, and be selected to take part and showcase them during Maker Faire Rome 2020, that will take place from 10 to 13 December on a digital platform.

Should you be selected, you’ll be allocated time slots for direct streaming and interaction with the audience, in which you can meet it, present your project, discuss your research, validate your product, exchange business information and network with others.

Propose your project by october 15!


Online? Onsite? Onlife!

You’ll be broadcasting comfortably from your home, from your workplace, from your garage or from wherever you want, without the need to physically come to Rome.

If you don’t have a convenient space to connect from, you’ll be able to find other makers like you who have an available space where you can group your projects together. Check the website every now and then: we’ll be publishing the list of spaces as they become available and you can see if there is one near you.

If you are a fablab, a makerspace or a maker with space available to offer to others like you, an availability form will be soon available for you to fill in.


Call for Makers MFR2020

Who (and what) we’re looking for

  • Inventors and innovators: innovative products, prototypes, patents, research projects, startups, crowdfunding. When a maker launches on the market, they should absolutely go through Maker Faire Rome! Year after year we build the future together
  • Innovative craftspeople: digital fabrication tools and technologies, from 3D printing to CNC machines, from creative wood and metal working to digital technologies for clothing and design, but also craft, high level artisanship and the rediscovery of manual skills
  • Electronics: from microcontrollers to retrocomputing, from sensor technology to the Internet of Things, from circuit bending to hacking, from machine learning to open hardware
  • Food and agriculture: innovation in the food sector (food, machines, robotics, preparation and conservation methods) and in agriculture (agro-tech, rural innovation, automation, monitoring)
  • Robotics and intelligent machines: from wheeled robots to animatronics, from humanoids to Goldberg machines, from artificial intelligence to industrial automation.
  • Health and quality of life: aids for disability, but also for daily life, biomedical devices, sports accessories, projects related to the human body in general
  • Art, interaction and recreation: projects that use light, darkness, sound, music; robotic art, creative coding, musical instruments, virtual reality and installations that engage visitors
  • Science, chemistry, engineering: demonstrations, installations, exhibits, workshops and scientific shows for adults and children
  • Sustainability, Recycling, Circular Economy, Bioeconomy, Green TECH, Smart Energy Green Building: from renewables to upcycling, from recycling materials to repairing objects, from water to the environment
  • Open Source: from Open Source Hardware (OSHW) to Open Design, the collaboration and knowledge sharing paradigm has always been one of the basic elements of Maker Faire Rome
  • FabLab, community: makers’ workshops, places for meeting and experimentation, groups and communities linked to technologies and creativity in general
  • Spaceflight and its applications: ideas, technologies and prototypes for a more valid utilisation, both on the ground and in flight, of the benefits of the space environment, and for a more effective human and robotic exploration of the Solar System
  • Large-scale projects: innovative or recreational, fixed or self-propelled, sculptural or technological, giant projects are always the great attractions that everyone remembers

Besides: drones, mobility device, cultural heritage projects, security, and everything your creativity and ingenuity can come up with!

Fancy giving it a try?

Then, apply! Read the regulations, register and submit your project/idea

Good luck!


Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition has been committed since eight editions to make innovation accessible and usable to all, with the aim of not leaving anyone behind. Its blog is always updated and full of opportunities and inspiration for makers, makers, startups, SMEs and all the curious ones who wish to enrich their knowledge and expand their business, in Italy and abroad.

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