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  • January 4, 2021
    EMMA is the digital and colorful virtual game built by the frashman students of Gymnasium Vukovar (Croatia) and presented at #MFR2020. Read our interview with Davor Sijanovic, mentor of the "Generatio...From Croatia to #MFR2020: discover the digita...
    August 5, 2020
    submit by october 15, get a chance to join maker faire Rome 2020   In this rather unsual year, we are gearing up for an edition of Maker Faire Rome […]MAKER FAIRE CALLING: THE CALL FOR MAKERS IS O...
    September 24, 2019
    A device to make artificial intelligence programming more accessible, thanks to the Arduino platform. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become the undisputed protagonist of most technological developm...Programming artificial intelligence: from Jap...
    August 20, 2019
    A fast and intuitive drone control system, which can have applications in many different fields. If you think that special joysticks or complex radio-commanded controls are needed to pilot a […...The system to pilot a drone by hand gesture