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Maker Faire Rome, Main Stage chronicles | Agritech and research

What is Italian research doing for the future of agribusiness? This is the question that arrived on the Main Stage of Maker Faire Rome 2021. Alessandra Pesce, research director at the Council for Agricultural Research and Analysis of Agricultural Economics (CREA), gave the answer. She explained: «We are talking about a sector of great interest and in great expansion. In the last two years, CREA has carried out 800 research projects and has 5,000 hectares at its disposal for experimentation», Pesce added. The topics? From genomics to horticulture and vertical sectors, such as wheat and nutrition. In short, CREA deals with the «entire production chain, including the genetic part (to improve the environmental conditions of food production), and is the first partner for agricultural research at Maker Faire Rome».

Alessandra Pesce – CREA

CREA at Maker Faire Rome 2021

CREA brought a series of projects to Maker Faire Rome 2021. One concerns wheat? A product currently under stress, with skyrocketing prices, «a silent crisis at world level». CREA «also develops new products, such as functional pasta. Innovation in the initial part of production and in the mechanisms of harvesting systems, up to the transformation and nutritional component of each food. A great advantage for all citizens. Functional pasta in particular uses leftovers from the manufacture of beer, which becomes “enriched pasta”».

The future of research

And the future of research? For Pesce, «we are moving towards the green transition. “Functional pasta” is an example, we are talking about waste recovery. In terms of sustainability, the world is looking at digitalisation to improve production and optimise water. The aim is to strengthen the green transition process».