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Maker Faire Rome, starring projects | Wellness & Healthcare

Society is changing. So too are people’s different approaches and expectations of quality of life. Healthcare is facing new scenarios and new demands. In this context, innovation is a challenge. The field is Wellness & Healthcare. Here are some innovative projects that were presented at Maker Faire Rome 2021 and that have decided to take up this challenge.

AbleUpp _ Un paese accessibile

AbleUpp is a project that revolves around a system that connects a smart stick to a tactile-plantar-vocal pathway that guides blind people and also provides information on related services. It is part of a broader “accessible village” project aimed at making the village of Monteverde, a town of 770 inhabitants in the province of Avellino, welcoming and barrier-free, and at breaking down the distinction between the disabled and the able-bodied. A “welcoming” project developed thanks to the collaboration of blind users, I.Ri.Fo.R. (Training, research and rehabilitation for disability) and U.I.C.I. (Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired). 

Biophotomics: Integrative approach between lipidomics and biophotonics

Photonics to analyse the content of lipids in the blood cell membrane as an innovative diagnostic marker for various diseases.  This is at the heart of the Biophotomics project: building a dark field hyperspectral microscope capable of visualising red blood cells and defining their cell membrane composition, starting with a single drop of whole blood. Over a well-defined range of wavelengths, biomolecules will disperse in a way that depends on their chemical and physical properties. This dispersion process will be further deconvoluted by software, collecting spectra and discriminating between healthy and pathological states. The project is supervised by Luca Maria Neri, Team Member of the Laboratory of Advanced Therapy Technologies (LTTA), Technopole of Ferrara and Director of the Laboratory of Biomarkers, Biomolecular Targets and Personalised Medicine in Oncology (Unife).

Controllore per generatori di Ozono
The device created by Renato Paciorri is based on an Arduino Mega connected to a sensor that measures the concentration of O3.
Macchina ginnica per soggetti a mobilità ridotta


Emiliano Mucchi, a mechanical engineer (his scientific activity focuses on the field of noise and machine vibrations, with particular reference to elastodynamic models, condition monitoring, diagnostics and experimental vibration measurements), brought to Maker Faire Rome 2021 his project for an exercise machine dedicated to people with motor difficulties and reduced walking ability.  The machine is equipped with a sliding mat, a seat, a handlebar and other means of support and connection, and is designed to be used by a person with reduced walking autonomy in order to recover or maintain their mobility. The seat allows the subject to rest or perform exercises in which a work phase is alternated with a recovery phase. The support means then allow the subject to get up easily. 
RoboMate is a platform developed by Daniele Lombardo for Digital Therapy, also using humanoid robots both remotely and in presence, of neurodevelopmental disorders, for the treatment of Alzheimer’s, senile dementia, and all behavioural disorders in general. In use since 2016 at public and private health institutions, and at several schools. RoboMate is also used at the hospital and research facility founded by Padre Pio “Casa sollievo della sofferenza” in San Giovanni Rotondo, FG, for the treatment of Alzheimer’s, and for the psychological support of in-patients suffering from Covid through telemedicine functions.



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