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Waiting for #MFR19 – AMINT by Alex Braga presented by Consolato Generale d’Italia a Barcelona & Maker Faire Roma


Waiting for #MFR19 today in Barcelona with Alex Braga Today Friday 19 10:30 – 12:30 Workshop 2 (P4. Level 3) at Sonar D +

This workshop is an introduction to the system A-MINT, that0s ot say an artificial intelligence music algorithm created by the musician Alex Braga, along with the professors Rigante Fulginei, Antonino Laudani, Alessandro Salvini and the University RomaTre, with the collaboration of the pianist Francesco Tristano.

A-MINT is, then, the first artificial intelligence in the world that will be studied in a conservatory as an instrument for future forms of neoclassic music performance.
Morover, A-MINT decodes the improvisational code of any musician after a few notes, allowing to create infinite tracks in real time without any harmonic, tonal or BPM restrictions.

Therefore, the goal of this project is to build bridges between acoustic and electronic music and facilitate the collaboration between artists from both genres in live improvisation.

The General Consulate of Italy support this project as part of the ITmakES – Vivere All’Italiana together with Maker FaireRome- The European Edition , a strategy that promotes around the world the Italian talent and know how, as well as innovation in the cultural and creative industry.