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MFR2021, projects | SLIM, the snake robot for Inspection and Maintenance

Its name is SLIM, and it is a robot that has the features of a snake. Its mission is somewhat written in its name. SLIM is an acronym for Snake-Like robot for Inspection and Maintenance. It is able to enter areas that are dangerous to humans and carry out inspection tasks thanks to its camera. It can cope with high temperatures, darkness and can move through narrow passages, while an operator guides it from a distance in complete safety. In the industrial field, this robot can find many applications for the inspection and maintenance of machinery or parts of plants, which, thanks to easier monitoring, will be more efficient. Developed at the Robotic Automation INspection laboratory of the Italian Institute of Technology by a team led by Carlo Brindesi Canali, SLIM was among the robots featured at Maker Faire Rome 2021, held at the Gazometro from 8 to 10 October.

SLIM: il Robot serpente per ispezione industriale


Robotic Automation INspection lab

IIT’s Robotic Automation INspection Lab (RAIN) focuses on the development of robots for use in industrial applications with a particular focus on inspection tasks. Its goal is to develop customised robots for use in a wide range of applications in the energy sector, power generation, civil and industrial site inspection, quality control, automotive, aerospace.



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