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Minitailz: the most advanced health and gps tracker for dogs

Minitailz Smart Dog Collar: Best tech accessory for dogs

Minitailz: the most advanced health and GPS tracker for dogs 


Minitailz is the most advanced health and gps tracker for dogs. Powered by AI, Minitailz allows you to easily monitor your pet’s heart health, position, activity, appetite, behavior, and whereabouts.

Awarded at CES in Las Vegas back in January, for the best innovation in the AI category, Minitailz is the ideal device to bring peace of mind by revealing groundbreaking insights into your pet’s health and detecting early changes before any severe issues arise.

Designed for easy installation, the Minitailz device comes with a ring for effortless clipping onto any type of strap and adapts to most dog collars.

Minitailz Smart Dog Collar I foto: Sabrina Ortiz

The Minitailz Smart Dog Collar offers the same types of insights a fitness tracker for humans would.

You place the attachment on the dog’s collar and on the app you will have access to data about your dog’s heart health, activity, appetite, and more.

The attachment can also track your dog’s location, eliminating the need for additional trackers such as AirTags. One of the most important features is its ability to detect early symptoms of heart disease, potentially saving your dog’s life. The Minitailz Smart Dog Collar was recognized as a CES 2024 Innovation Award Honoree in the Artificial Intelligence category since it is through AI that the collar can detect your dog’s activities, such as sleeping, walking, and more. 

Ensure dog’s good health

Minitailz records resting heart rate and breathing rate to monitor your dog’s overall health status.


Regular monitoring helps detect early signs of heart failure before the onset of symptoms. Preventive treatment enhances the dog’s overall healthy lifespan.

Keep an eye dog’s GPS location

Have peace of mind knowing exactly where your dog is at all times, whether they’re alone in your yard, with you in a park, or with a dog sitter.


The LTE-M network enables Minitailz to provide your pet’s position with optimal coverage and precision, all while ensuring long-lasting battery life.

Track activities and monitor dog’s vitality parameters

Thanks to AI, the app automatically detects and records your dog’s activities. You can track their well-being on a daily and long-term basis.


A comprehensive monitoring of your companion’s health wouldn’t be complete without a thorough assessment of its activities. Indeed, your dog’s vitality is reflected in its meals, sleep, barking, and more.

On subscription

The Minitailz Smart Dog Collar is already available for $99, and it requires a subscription fee of $25 a month or $275 a year. 

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cover image: CES

author: Barbara Marcotulli


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