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Mystery Box Workshop: Delve into Particle Physics at Maker Faire Rome 2023

Mystery Box Workshop: Delve into Particle Physics at Maker Faire Rome 2023

Mystery Box Workshop is a fun and intriguing way to learn physics: join it at Maker Faire Rome, October 20 – 22!


Maker Faire Rome 2023, Europe’s premier innovation event, is gearing up to host an exhilarating workshop titled “Exploring the Unseen” in the Learn@MFR section. The workshop, curated by the HOP – Hands On Physics project, is designed to ignite curiosity, foster scientific imagination, and promote collaboration among educators, trainers, and science enthusiasts. The activity is tailor-made to simulate scientific exploration, making the study of particle physics engaging and accessible for secondary school students.

Mystery Box Workshop: Detailed Insights

Participants in this workshop will engage with small metallic boxes, the contents of which will remain a mystery throughout the session. This challenge will encourage attendees to combine creativity with scientific acumen as they collectively envision experiments, construct models, and formulate hypotheses about the intriguing contents within the boxes.

Mystery Box Workshop: Embracing Inquiry-Based Learning

The core objective of this workshop is to leverage inquiry-based learning, an educational methodology that actively involves participants by encouraging them to ask questions, formulate hypotheses, and develop solutions based on their intuition. In the context of “Exploring the Unseen,” the aim is to authentically replicate the process of real scientific research, in which the phenomena being explored are often enigmatic. Just as scientists rely on observations, experiments, and models to understand the unknown, participants will navigate uncertainty, craft hypotheses, and draw conclusions based on evidence gathered during the workshop.

Mystery Box Workshop: Sharing Discoveries

A pivotal facet of this workshop is the sharing of discoveries. At the conclusion of the activity, participants will present their conclusions and scientific models with fellow attendees. This moment of exchange not only fosters discussion and critical reflection but also promotes collaborative learning – cornerstones of both scientific research and innovation.

The HOP – Hands On Physics Project: Advocating for Science Education

The HOP project, a collaborative initiative involving CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research), INFN (National Institute of Nuclear Physics), and the Agnelli Foundation aims to bolster physics education in secondary schools. By equipping educators with scientific tools and pedagogical techniques for hands-on classroom engagement, HOP encourages students to explore the dynamic realm of scientific inquiry. The “Exploring the Unseen” workshop offered by the HOP project is a highlight of Maker Faire Rome 2023, scheduled to take place at Fiera di Roma from October 20-22, 2023.

How to take part in the workshop

Each workshop session caters to 20 participants and lasts an hour. Keep an eye on the Maker Faire Rome website ( and its social media platforms for updates on the schedule, timings, and ticket availability in the coming weeks.


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