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Prototype and Fabrication at #MFR19: Meet our partner JLCPCB!

China’s Largest PCB Prototype Manufacturer will join us at Fiera di Roma from Oct. 18 to 20: don’t miss the chance to meet the team! 


4 Layer PCB board


  • Discover the Company 


JLCPCB is a top domestic manufacturer for PCB prototyping with over 700,000+ supporters world widely and with a production capability of over 200,000 square meters per month. Established in 2006, Shenzhen JLCPCB Electronics Co., Ltd has built a complete industry manufacture chain for printed circuit board. JLC Electronics is dedicated to providing customers a turnkey service from PCB EDA design, PCB fabrication, stencil prototyping and PCB SMT assembling. It is a Chinese leading high-tech enterprise in printed circuit board manufacturing field, aiming to provide customers with most fast, reliable and high-quality service.


  • Corporate Organization 


JLC stencil division specializes in laser stencil. Equipped with 12 sets of Germany imported LPKE laser machine and the imported materials like Chloroprene Adhesive and AB glue, we are capable to manufacture more than 1600 stencil orders with stable and high quality; 

JLC SMT division specializes in PCB assembling service, equipped with 32 sets of Yamaha automated SMT machines with electric feeders, ten lead-free reflow soldering temperature zones, automatic printing machines, mature management team and self-researched software, we aim to provide customers with most fast and advanced SMT service.


YouTube Celebrity Naomi “SexyCyborg” Wu


  • Meet the Team 


JLCPCB has sponsored more than 1000+ DIY makers and communities. JLCPCB team keep working on providing customers with 2 dollars 5 PCB prototype service at any color, 24 hours production time to help makers make PCBs easier.

Maker Faire Rome is the most popular DIY event in European with enormous innovative projects and creative makers. Here’s the reason why we want to be part of them: we aim to help more creative project created!” – JLCPCB Team 


  • Join JLCPCB at #MFR19 


From Oct. 18 to 20 standy by JLCPCB booth at Maker Faire Rome: join them to get gifts and free PCB coupons and get the chance to meet YouTube celebrities Naomi ‘SexyCyborg’ Wu and Daniele Tartaglia. Discover and play with fantastic electronic projects: Amplifier class D, Staccato Controller for Tesla Coil, Linea power supply with LT3080, HT Power supply, Audio interface for PC measurements, Handheld Gaming Console and a Rabbit robot which can follow and your steps. See you there!


YouTube Celebrity Daniele Tartaglia