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Visit Maker Faire Rome 2023 to learn math in an unsual and fun way

SuperFlat Math is a totally new approach to math teaching and learning: fun and effective for both teachers and learners


SuperFlat Math: Embrace Math Learning Through a Video Game

Discover the future of education at Maker Faire Rome 2023, the leading European innovation event. Among the exciting offerings of this 11th edition is “SuperFlat Math,” a workshop designed to explore the world of mathematics via a video game. Suitable for young students and educators alike, this workshop enhances classroom engagement and elevates the learning experience for all.

Experience the Flatland Math Workshop: Dive into Interactive Learning

The workshop pioneers a novel approach with the revolutionary educational videogame “flatland math.” Tailored specifically for mathematics, this videogame transports students to a dynamic sandbox-like virtual environment. Here, they immerse themselves in fun, problem-solving activities. The workshop accommodates up to ten students, spanning different age groups from primary to middle school.

Unveiling the Success of Play-Based Learning

SuperFlat Math is nothing new; it’s a proven success. As an alternative to traditional teaching, it showcases remarkable potential based on experiments carried out from 2019 to 2023 by University of Aquila and Sapienza University of Rome.

These experiments engaged students in person and remotely. The study concentrated on student engagement, especially those with special educational needs (sen).

The video game fosters active participation and encourages collective building of mathematical knowledge. Remarkably, 92% of teachers witness active student involvement in math discussions stimulated by the game. Furthermore, 75% of sen students contribute actively during game-guided discussions, while 83% of all students find the game beneficial to their learning.

In-Depth Details of the Flatland Math Workshop

Guided by skilled facilitators, participants playfully engage with mathematical concepts, paving the way for an innovative learning experience

Participants experience tailored sessions according to their age and knowledge level. The workshop is divided into two phases:

  1. Presentation and Tutorial (25 minutes): An introductory insight into activities and essential concepts followed by a tutorial ensures all participants are ready to dive into the game. Special assistance will be provided to students with specific challenges.
  2. Activities (45 minutes): in this stage, students tackle mathematical challenges within the videogame. Activities combine free-form game play with engaging and educational interactive moments.

Activities utilize android tablets, a computer, and projector setup. The workshop takes place in the Learn@MFR zone of the fair. Participation requires registration.

How to register to the workshop

Don’t miss the opportunity to partake in this unique at Maker Faire Rome 2023!

Registration opens in the weeks leading up to the event, scheduled from October 20-22. Stay updated on dates through our social channels and the website:


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