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Ticket purchase regulations


Acronyms, abbreviations & definitions

Organiser: the organiser of the Maker Faire Rome Event is Innova Camera – a Special Agency of the Rome Chamber of Commerce;
Event: “The Maker Faire Rome” and any related event managed by the Organiser;
Purchaser: The person who purchases tickets for the Event, even if used by third parties;
User: An individual who uses the ticket to access the Event;
Ticket: A ticket valid for entry to the Event;
Venue: Building, space, or room hosting the Event;
Organiser’s Venue: Venue managed by the Organiser;
Vendor: The Company operating one or more ticket sales systems (certified by the Revenue Agency) and online or physical sales networks, appointed by the Organiser to market the Tickets. They are responsible for selling the tickets in compliance with the current legislation governing brokerage and electronic commerce.

Purchase of tickets, changes, and refunds

  1. It is the sole responsibility of the Purchaser to verify, at the time of purchase, any errors in the ticket dates and the Organiser can accept no responsibility for such errors.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to resell the Ticket at a profit, or use it for commercial, advertising, or promotional purposes.
  3. Refunds will be issued only if the Event is cancelled. It is the responsibility of the Purchaser to keep themselves up to date on the status of the Event and the methods of reimbursement available by actively consulting the
    Organiser’s websites and other sources of information.
  4. The Organiser has the right, at their own discretion or following changes in the current legislation on access to Live Events, to:

a. change the Event schedule, i.e., the date and time of the Event
b. change the Event capacity
c. bring forward or delay the start time of the Event
d. set or change the rules of access to the event (including, but not limited to, the mandatory use of FFP2 masks, and the verification of access credentials imposed by the current legislation or otherwise required by law). Ticket holders that do not comply with these regulations will be refused entry to the Event.

The Purchaser and the Users accept and acknowledge that, upon the occurrence of the conditions set out in paragraphs a, c, and d of this article, no refund will be made.

5. In the event that the authorised capacity for the Event is reduced, the Organiser will have the right to cancel any Tickets or subscriptions that exceed the authorised capacity (refunding the amount paid). In this event, Tickets will be cancelled following the chronological order in which they were purchased, as recorded by the Ticketing systems (starting with the last Ticket or subscription purchased). Priority will be given to subscription holders.

6. The Organiser shall receive from the Vendor the revenue from the sale of Tickets corresponding to the face value of each Ticket.

7. The service fees that may be charged by the Vendor at the time of sale, and paid by the Purchaser to the Vendor for the services directly rendered by the Vendor to the Purchaser and/or Users of the tickets, are governed by the contractual relationship between the Purchaser and the Vendor entered into at the time of completion of the transaction, and are not passed on, even in part, to the Organiser. It follows that in the event of cancellation of the Event, the Organiser’s liability to the Purchaser consists of reimbursing only the amounts relating to the face value of the Tickets.

Access to the Events

8. Tickets must be shown to ticket inspectors upon request (pursuant to Article 18 of Legislative Decree 60/99). Individuals who cannot provide a valid ticket will be refused access to the Event.

9. Some exhibition venues are outdoors. In case of rain, the Purchaser will not be eligible for a refund.

10. Access to the Event by a minor under 18 years of age not accompanied by an adult is permitted, but the welfare of the minor shall be the sole responsibility of their parents or guardians. The Organiser cannot be held responsible for minors who attend the Event unaccompanied by an adult.

11. Access to the Event is allowed on the day and at the time shown on the ticket until the closing time on the day on which the Event was visited.

12. When the Event is closing, it is mandatory to follow the instructions of the on-site personnel and comply with the procedures for leaving the Event.

13. As an exemption to point 10 above, the Organiser reserves the right to allow access before or after the time of entry stated on the Ticket, on the same day for which the Ticket was purchased, and in compliance with the legal capacity of the Venue.

14. If the Ticket is stolen or lost, it cannot be duplicated, refunded, or replaced.

15. Security checks may be carried out on entry to the Event, and a metal detector may be used.

16. Members of the public may be recorded in any audio and video footage taken during the event.

Personal data and name checks on the Tickets

17. Innova Camera will abide by any changes in regulations that come into force during the Event. If it is, for any reason, necessary to verify the names of the purchaser or user of the Tickets (for example, but not limited to, anti-COVID regulations that may be in force at the time), each User must provide their personal data and link them with the Ticket, even after the purchase of the Ticket itself. The Purchaser and the Users acknowledge that ID checks may be carried out at the entrance and access will be denied to those found to be in non-compliance with this regulation (and no refund will be made).

18. If requested by the Organiser and published on the Event website, Ticket holders will be required to submit an additional online registration (known as “check-in“), using the service accessible through the link on the Event website, in order to provide, if it has not already been provided, personal data that is required to comply with the legislation.

19. With reference to Point 17, the Purchaser shall accept responsibility for the veracity of the data entered at the time of purchase or as subsequently modified, including the names, surnames, dates of birth and contact details (email and/or telephone) of the User of each ticket purchased, and shall be liable for any false or inaccurate declaration, as provided for by Art. 76 of Presidential Decree 445/2000, currently in force.

General terms and conditions

20. Failure to comply with any article in these Regulations may result in the Ticket holder being refused entry to the Event or being removed from the Venue, without the right to any refund for Tickets purchased.

21. By attending the Event, Users agree to the terms and conditions in these Regulations.

22. The Purchaser and the Users accept these Regulations and any additional clauses added to them either on the Organiser’s websites or in the Event fact sheet or purchase form on the Vendor’s website.


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