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Wear The Innovation At Maker Faire Rome 2022

Discover the Wearable projects at #MFR 2022

Keyless typing gloves, sensorized insoles to improve sports performance, smart collars to protect your pets and an innovative exoskeleton controllable via app await you at the innovation fair.


When we talk about wearables we refer to all those smart devices that can be connected to other electronic devices wirelessly or via bluetooth, which allow to detect, store, process or exchange data of different types.

Their spread is quite recent, but you should know that the first wearable device dates back over 60 years and was designed for a very special purpose: defeat the bank in gambling thanks to mathematics. Claude Shannon and Edward Thorp, two mathematical geniuses, devised a wearable micro-computer, to be hidden in shoes, that thanks to complex mathematical algorithms was able to predict where the ball would stop in the roulette table, increasing by 44% the odds of winning.

From the Sixties to today, considerable progress has been made and wearable devices are now part of our daily lives and their fields of application range from the medical and health sector to sports and entertainment world.

Here are some of the projects that will be present at Maker Faire Rome 2022 in which the wearable theme is declined in a truly original way, with surprising products and technologies.


Finger Tracking: the glove for typing without keyboard

How much time do we spend typing numbers and letters on a keyboard? The answer is a lot!

From the moment we get up in the morning we start typing messages on our smarthphone, then we switch to the keyboard of the office computer, and then we take a break using our tablet or playing on the home laptop.

For many, typing is an automatic action that requires a minimal effort, but there are people who suffer from arthritis problems, arthrosis or injuries, for whom pressing buttons is not as simple as it seems. A condition that can be very disabling since we are in the digital age and typing is an integral part of our daily lives.

The Maker Michaela Gallucci thought a lot about this problem and will present at Maker Faire Rome 2022 “Finger Tracking”: the first glove in the world designed to completely replace a keyboard.

The letters on the keyboard are activated by a rotary movement of the glove, that is designed to be light and easy to handle. This simple bluetooth device can be used to write, design, maneuver robots, play games or as a disability assistance device.


Sensorized insoles to improve sports performance

Sensorized insoles that use biomechanical analysis to improve performance and prevent injuries in the Padel game.

These special orthotics are able to detect biomechanical data during the most common actions of this sport and compare them with reference data previously extrapolated by professional players. The idea is to analyze foot support in amateur players who want to know how their plays differ from those of professionals, in order to improve their performance and the awareness of their game.

The insoles are made with 3D printing that guarantees a significant reduction in costs and production times and, at the same time, it allows the use of a wide variety of materials tested and selected to ensure superior mechanical properties and levels of comfort.

The project was realized by Medere Srl, an innovative start-up that offers solutions in the field of medical devices and research, with the mission of creating customized, affordable and low cost products to significantly improve the experience and the patients’ quality of life.


Lassie: a smart collar for your pets

Lassie is a project designed for your pets: a smart collar that can detect your dog’s location and its vital signs.

The collar is able to accurately identify the position of the dog through GPS and GSM that can be activated and deactivated if necessary, avoiding exposing your pet to unnecessary radio frequencies, while ensuring its safety. 

The other function of Lassie consists in the evaluation of the parameters that detect the state of well-being and allow monitoring in the post-operative period. The collar communicates with the owner through an app, reporting any alterations that can then be shared with the veterinarian.

Among the various functions of Lassie there is also the “home alone” mode: the device communicates with other smart objects, such as the kennel or the water and food dispensers, to meet the needs of the dog, manifested through an alteration of vital signs.


EXO: the innovative, effective and ergonomic exoskeleton

EXO is an active exoskeleton designed to be fixed on the patient’s legs. The aims are two, rehabilitative and assistive, and they depend on the patient’s situation.

It is fixed respectively on the waist and on the legs through the use of elastic bands in order to be stable. It consists of three parts: hip, knee and ankle, all three adjustable in order to be suitable for everyone.

Respectively on the hip and on the knee there are two motors, instead on the ankle the presence of a spring allows to reduce the weight. EXO can be controlled through the use of an application where you can change the mode of use as needed.

The project was developed by four young students, robotics enthusiasts from the Istituto Superiore Francesco Severi in Padua.




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