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Conferences – Workshops – Talks

Maker Faire Rome is not just an exhibition area. Hundreds of events are hosted before, during, and after the event, starting with a spectacular Opening Conference and continuing with workshops and talk conferences that the public can attend for free.

With just the entrance ticket to the event, the public can participate in a rich program of conferences, workshops, and talks that we are building together with our partners and makers. The Opening Conference is the opening event – free of charge – that precedes the event every year and has featured prominent speakers such as Tim Berners-Lee, Raffaello D’Andrea, Tony Fadell, Luciano Floridi, Samantha Cristoforetti, Neil Gershenfeld, Roberto Cingolani, Kenneth Mikkelsen, Julie Andersen, Julia Stoyanovich, Valentina Primo, Roya Mahboobe, Bernie Roth, Jeffrey Sachs, Alejandro Miguel San Martìn, Brenda Mboya, Chiara Petrioli, Joachim Fargas, Kitty Yeung, Sara Krugman, Valentina Chinnici, Don Eyles, Bruno Siciliano, Luca Parmitano, and many others.

Innovators like us” will be the theme of this year’s Opening Conference. We will discuss the common challenges faced by those who embrace innovation, possible solutions to overcome them, and also strategies to deal with the inevitable setbacks that are part of every innovative process.

“Innovators like us” speaks about both small and large innovators, the power of each individual to contribute their part, and the importance of connecting all those parts into ecosystems capable of transforming them into a greater value, for individuals and for society.

There will also be workshops and talks organized directly by partners and makers, some of which will take place during the event and continue beyond. In recent years, hundreds of webinars have been presented during the Maker Learn Festival, an online event that is free to participate in.

The theme of education has become one of the main pillars of Maker Faire, a theme that is carried forward throughout the year and has led to the creation of a dedicated website:

Relive the Opening Conferences of the past years, discover the protagonists, and review the speeches:

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