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Ternary Computer System

Ternary Computer System

We design of a new type of microprocessor, which works with ternary logic (instead of usual binary one).

The immediate benefits of the ternary are that it:

  • Compacts the information in a much better way (compared to the binary system);

  • Reduces the size of the chips (especially the memory, which takes the greatest part nowadays).
    Our idea offers technological advantages that enable a major leap in traditional computing and supercomputing.
    It is optimally applied to the emerging fields of artificial intelligence and brain-machine connection. Some neurobiological research groups are implementing neural networks with modeling of neurons using three states, for example, because it better (exactly) matches neurons' activity.
    We designs, writes specifications (ISA), and implements ternary microprocessors.


Claudio La Rosa e Cesare di Mauro

Claudio La Rosa
Passionate about computer architectures and innovative microprocessor technologies.
Programmer in different languages, even at low level (x86 assembly, MIPS, MOS 6502, MC68000) and for different environments, including .NET and WinRT.
Currently computer science teacher in the province of Monza (Italy).

Cesare Di Mauro
I've started having interest on computer science in '82', when I was 11 years old.
I've quickly jumped from BASIC to machine language, then assembly (of different architectures: 6502, Z80, 680x0, 80x86, ARM, etc.), Pascal, C, and many other languages, until I've joined Python (my passion and my primary tool).
I've worked on several project; remarkably on some Commodore Amiga videogames, a JPEG 2000 decoder for STMicroelectronics, and WPython (an higher speed CPython fork).
My passion is computer architectures, and I've developed some of them (C64K: a Motorola 68K "heir". NEx64T: an x86/x64 rewriting & extension. Finally, 3ISA for ternary computers). I've worked as Senior QA Engineer for Intel, and now as Principal QA Engineer for the BMW Group.

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