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 EMMA, European MicroMeteorology for Aircraft.

EMMA, European MicroMeteorology for Aircraft.

The EMMA Service, supporting air navigation, consists of the GABBIANO APP and a satellite modem
The current weather information, obtained from meteo satellites constellation and processed by the proprietary server, are sent via satellite to the pilots in flight and updated in real time. Extremely useful for pilots of aircrafts, balloons, drones flying at altitudes more subject to variations in weather conditions
The acquired know-how allows the application of the EMMA Service to the alternative solar and wind energy production and in precision agriculture


Andrea Lorenzoni

ing. Andrea Lorenzoni CEO & TLC expert-Esperto in TLC
ing. Emanuele Petruzzi Commercial Director- Direttore Commerciale
ing. Luigi Castiglione- ICT Manager- Manager ICT
ing. Saverio Tubito Weather expert- Esperto in meteorologia
ing. Luca Candela Informatics Technician- Tecnico Informatico
ing. Carlo Nucci Consultant - Co-founder - Co-fondatore
Stefano Nucci Social Media Consultant - Consulente Social Media

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