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Why are you making?

Why are you making?

Hi, my name is Corinna and I want to know why you make things! I am a PhD student at Lund University in Sweden and do research on makerspaces. I am interested in the role makerspaces have in society. At Maker Faire Rome I want to talk to you makers and hear your thoughts. Why do you think making is important, for you, but also for society?
I will meet you in small groups (5-8 people) and we will talk about why making matters to you. Anybody can join, but please commit to stay on for the full session.
Besides contributing to a research project on makerspaces you will have the opportunity to share your thoughts and reflections on why you think making matters and meet other people who share your passion.


Corinna Burkhart

Corinna Burkhart is a PhD student at the Department of Human Geography at Lund University in Sweden. She researches Makerspaces and their role in society. She is fascinated by makerspaces simply because she likes making stuff. When not working, making or repairing something she might be playing with her daughter, enjoying the outdoors or reading a good novel.

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