Exhibitors 2020



HENA is a kit consisting of two road safety devices for the deaf and / hearing impaired. The first is a digital intelligent display of acoustic signals with a particular frequency of sound, such as ambulances or police sirens, which captures these sounds and displays the direction and distance of the vehicle, allowing the driver to maintain the correct driving behavior. The second is a LED triangle with the figure of a barred ear, positioned on the rear dashboard, it is activated at every braking and warns other drivers that at the wheel there is a deaf or hearing impaired person.


ITT "Leonardo da Vinci" Viterbo

The 4AIA is a class of ITT Leonardo da Vinci of Viterbo in the Informatics and Telecommunications sector with IT articulation. It is made up of 24 boys aged between sixteen and seventeen. The idea came from them, who decided to develop their IT skills as makers, putting them at the service of an important and crucial sector such as road safety. The group has self-disciplined sharing the tasks according to their knowledge and attitudes. All the students played an important role in carrying out the project with specific roles and tasks to be completed

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