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Making Electric Vehicles 2020: Kart building and driving for a Gran Prix

Making Electric Vehicles 2020: Kart building and driving for a Gran Prix

Making Electric Vehicles 2020 is a course where 40 students between 9- and 16-years old build 14 karts starting from a wooden board. The newly designed karts are completely green, thanks to the wooden chassis and the electric propulsion. This translates into a two-meter-long vehicle with 44 km/h top speed ready for our Xavier Grand Prix.

Students are divided into teams that compete for the vehicle technical quality, drivers performance and capability to manage the team (marketing, brand,…). The teachers are volunteers, and the courses are free. Students pay only for materials that become their own Kart.


Making Open, Istituto M. Massimo: Claudio Becchetti, Paolo De Gregorio, Fausto Poletto, Fabio Topani, Fabrizio Olati

MakingOpen.net is a team of professional volunteers (engineers, professors, doctors, entrepreneurs, ....) devoting their free time to organize advanced free open source courses related to hi-tec humanitarian projects. The team is based in the Istituto Massimiliano Massimo school of the Jesuit fathers in Rome.

The courses have been widely reported on television and in the national and international press (TG1 main editions, TGR, Rai News, Isoradio, Washington Post, Repubblica, Corriere, Libero, EWTN US channel, 6ABC US Channel, ...).

Example of courses are Making Drones (60 students building their own professional drone achieving world record of maximum number of flying drones driven by kids).

Making 3D Printers with 69 students (8-15 years old) building their 70 pieces 3d printer.

Crowd4Africa: 15 students between the age of 15 and 17 organizing a winning crowdfunding campaign to donate two mini fab to African hospitals within this project a novel method to create prosthetics from bottle caps and no industrials devices has been designed.

In Making RoboMagis, our students (10-17 years) have built 60 robots (50 km / h speed, 6-degree robotic arm, telemetry and driver assistance systems).
The students of Making Water Tech 4.0 (10 to 16 years) have built 35 Waterlab: low cost open source floating laboratories (160 €) with recycled materials to monitor pH, Temperature, Turbidity, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, ... .

In Making Space project, 44 children aged 9 to 17 learned to design, build and fly space vectors, and to experience the chemical and physical phenomena of space environments. The project helps our young students enter into the space economy. In this context, the boys and girls set the record for the simultaneous launch of 30 self-built rockets that reached a height of 330 meters at the military airport of Furbara. This activity was supported by Italian Air Force

The 2020 project (Making Electric Vehicles 2020) has been designed mainly by Paolo De Gregorio, Fausto Poletto Fabio Topani and Claudio Becchetti with the support of other 15 professional volunteers.

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