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Trasformazione alimentare sostenibile tracciata con sensori nel vicino infrarosso 

Trasformazione alimentare sostenibile tracciata con sensori nel vicino infrarosso 

In compliance with the guidelines and objectives of the 2030 Agenda, a sustainable "solar" dehydration process of fruit and vegetable products and fresh surpluses has been developed, now implemented to be able to independently monitor and track product quality in the various phases of process. The use of near infrared sensors and data processing carried out with a holistic approach for quality monitoring are developed within the Agridigit project - Agrofiliere sub-project - funded by the MiPAF. This digital system will provide the possibility of tracing the history of the product and its state of conservation thanks to the creation of comparative and easily interpretable graphics, which can be viewed in real time on mobile devices. 



Tiziana M.P. Cattaneo, qualified (1983) in Food Technology at the University of Milan, Italy, has been employed by the Council for Agricultural Research and Economics (CREA), since 1987 at the Research Centre in Lodi (CREA-FLC). She began research into the application of near infrared spectroscopy on dairy field 20 years ago (1996) in cooperation with instrumentation suppliers and cheese-making firms. She became Research Manager in 2003, and continues to improve the development of applied researches in dairy and “fruit and vegetable” fields.
From 2010 to 2017 she has been appointed as Director of the Research Unit for Food Processes in Milan: also this structure is one of those grouped into the Council for Agricultural Research and Economics, the application field is mainly today “food transformation” from field to consumer, in particular for sustainable, safe and eco-friendly processes, and for food traceability.
Present position, since July 2, 2017: Research Manager of CREA Dept., Milan, Italy


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