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Progetto VALUE CE-IN - VALorizzazione di acque reflUE e fanghi in ottica di economia CircolarE e simbiosi INdustriale

Progetto VALUE CE-IN - VALorizzazione di acque reflUE e fanghi in ottica di economia CircolarE e simbiosi INdustriale

VALUE CE-IN - Valorisation of wastewater and sludge according to Circular Economy and Industrial Symbiosis.
The industrial research project started on July 2019 and has been funded by Emilia-Romagna Region POR-FESR 2014-2020 programme, within the intelligent specialisation strategy (S3) and with reference to the Circular Economy and Industrial Symbiosis applied to wastewater and sludge management.
The general project objective is the optimization of the value chain related to the treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater by applying circular economy principles and proposing high TRL solutions and technologies (KET) in order to promote the closure of primary goods cycles such as water resource, nutrients and sludge, increasing the system efficiency in the energy use and introducing new business models.


Luigi Petta, Gianpaolo Sabia

Dr. Luigi Petta is an environmental M.Sc. engineer (1999) and Ph.D. in Sanitary Engineering at Politecnico di Milano (2002). Since 2000 he works as a researcher at ENEA, the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, the Energy and the Environment. He is currently the Head of ENEA SSPT-USER-T4W Laboratory (Tecnologies for the efficient management of water and wastewater) and is the Scientific Responsible of LEA – Environmental ENEA Laboratory.
He’s been involved in several European and national funded projects also with the role of project manager and scientific responsible of activities. His main expertise is in the field of design, modelling and operation of lab and full scale biological (aerobic and anaerobic) wastewater treatment plants aimed at nutrients removal as well as raw matter recovery and energy efficiency. He’s been involved in many projects involving Mediterranean and developing countries aimed at improving efficiency and effectiveness in integrated local water resource management promoting water reuse practices.
He is author and co-author of several publications on scientific journals and presentations at national and international conferences.


Dr. Gianpaolo Sabia has a Magister degree in Environmental Sciences since 2002 and a bachelor degree in Science and Technology for Environment and Land Planning since 2007 at Second University of Naples. He attended a Master's degree in “Environment Management and control” at Sant’Anna School (2005) and in "Environmental physical chemical and biological pollution" (2003) at Engineering University of Cosenza (2003). Since 2007 he has been working at ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development), actually for the ENEA Laboratory “Technologies for the efficient use and management of water and wastewater” since as a researcher. The thematic areas of research mainly concern technologies and processes for wastewater treatments of urban and industrial origin, the recovery of resources and the valorisation of wastewater, the mathematical modelling of processes and wastewater treatment plants, energy assessments and the definition of strategies for consumption optimization, statistical and chemometric analyses. Author of several scientific papers published in international peer-reviewed journals, he participated to several national and international conferences.

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