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Una Pausa Caffè più Sostenibile

Una Pausa Caffè più Sostenibile

Italy has important numbers of vending machines for the involvement of over 20 million consumers and 35,000 jobs. Each of these distributors produces waste, mainly plastic, which needs to be disposed of properly.
Consumer behaviors become strategic and decidedly important, to avoid waste and the dispersion of plastic in the environment, which is extremely harmful, and to encourage the proper recycling and transformation of a material that, if properly treated, can become sustainable.
The project aims to study a technological solution to encourage the correct disposal of plastic as waste coming out of the food vending machine, proposing both solutions to be applied to vending machines and on the development of smart bins to facilitate the disposal of the waste.


Fondazione Mits Istituto Tecnico Superiore Nuove Tecnologie Per Il Made In Italy

Students of the ITS Higher Technical Course for the control, enhancement and marketing of agricultural, agri-food and agro-industrial production, Udine, 2019-2021
Staff: coordinators, tutors and teachers of the course

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