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CT - Circular Thinking

CT - Circular Thinking

Circular thinking is the result of a redesign process. It implements a new placement of the workstations used in manufacturing. This device enables an easier assembly of different objects due to its versatility and flexibility. The integrated ring mounts several interchangeable working stations that can perform different tasks to accomplish different assembly programs. The device is provided with AI, which recognizes, determines the workflow, and is capable of identifying defects on the final product through computer vision. Thanks to this new “intelligent” machine, more complex systems such as anthropomorphic robots, can be avoided at no expense of flexibility.



Giacomo Zanon, Vittorio Ludovico Viero, and Luca Seganfredo former ITS students and designers behind the Circular Thinking Projects. Gheller, Fantoinato, Macca', Castegnaro, Fedalto, and Guerriero are the ITS students that are taking over the project. Paolo Fumene Feruglio is the coordinator of the project.

Giacomo Zanon
• PROJECT : S.A.M. ( Smart Assembling Module)

  1. Mechanic at I.I.S. Scotton Strada Travettore, 37, 36061 Bassano del Grappa VI

  2. Mechatronic at I.T.S. Meccatronico Via Legione Gallieno, 52, 36100 Vicenza VI

  3. Sintech Automazione e Ricerca s.r.l. Via Monte Grappa, 7/L, 36050 Quinto vicentino VI

  4. T.M.G. Impianti S.p.A. Via Regia, 5, 35018 San Martino di Lupari PD

  5. Imanpack Packaging & Eco Solutions Spa Via Lago di Bolsena, 19, 36015 Schio VI
    • HOBBIES :

  6. Formula 1 fan

  7. Travelling and meeting people from other countries

Vittorio Ludovico Viero
•Education: Telecommunication technologies and mechatronics.
•Job experience: R&D consultant for various enterprises.
• HOBBIES: 3D printing, robots construction, and AIs development

Luca Seganfredo
 PROJECT: S.A.M. (Smart Assembling Module).

  1. Electric and electronic technician I.P.S.I.A Fedele Lampertico Via
    G.G.Trissino, 30,36100, Vicenza;

  2. Mechatronic at I.T.S. Meccatronico Via Legione Gallieno, 52, 36100,

  3. Stel S.r.l. Via del Progresso, 59 36020 Castegnero (VI);

  4. RBF DMAT S.r.l Viale della Scienza 22, 36100 Vicenza;

  5. Calearo Antenne S.P.A. Via Bacchiglione, 49 36033 Isola Vicentina (VI).
     HOBBIES:

  6. Ferrari formula 1 fan;

  7. Civic Service;

  8. Scuba diving.

Paolo Fumene Feruglio
The person in charge of Research and Innovation at the ITS Meccatronico Veneto

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