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Desk Codemotion Kids

Desk Codemotion Kids

Workshops, educational activities, tips&tricks and much more on how to use technology in a creative way for fun and education! Come and discover the world of Codemotion Kids, its courses and lots of activities we do online and offline: a must-do visit for future innovators and their parents!



Codemotion Kids! is the educational project of Codemotion, targeted at children and young people up to 18 years.
Codemotion was founded in 2013 by Chiara Russo and Mara Marzocchi, and it has become a point of reference for the technological education of young people in Italy. Since its very beginning, Codemotion has been organizing major edutainment events, hackathons for children, corporate events and courses in schools to bring as many children and young people as possible closer to the world of EdTech. Codemotion Kids! organizes educational workshops in which participants create and give life to their ideas through coding, robotics, electronics and design. Discover more at www.codemotionkids.com

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