Exhibitors 2020

FATTO A MANO DIGITALE: come l'argilla prende forma

FATTO A MANO DIGITALE: come l'argilla prende forma

Experience the opportunity to witness the fascinating work of a master ceramist at work to discover, step by step, the process that leads to the creation of a ceramic product! From the manipulation of clay with the traditional technique for the creation of vases and furnishing accessories, up to the decoration with glazes and crystalline: the spectators will have the opportunity to observe the profession of the ceramist and his fascinating art of modeling the material with talent and wisdom, for the creation of beauty.



Medaarch is a consulting, training, research and design company specializing in digital fabrication technologies.
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This year we are participating in the 2020 fully digital edition of Maker Faire Rome with a full program of workshops, talks and webinars that focus on the themes of digital innovation, Manufacturing 4.0 and urban regeneration.

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