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Università degli Studi Roma Tre

Università degli Studi Roma Tre

Founded in 1992, Roma Tre is one of the youngest Italian universities, a strength that has been a driving force for rapid and dynamic growth. The university now boasts over 34,000 students from all over Italy, 76 degree course, including three-year bachelor’s, five-year master’s and five or six-year integrated master’s degrees, 24 research doctorates and 43 post-graduate courses and as many as 12 university departments.

Among the other strengths on which the prestige of our large student and scientific community is based are: the consistency of our training, refreshed with new methodologies and communication languages; our openness towards the international community, expressed through the Erasmus programme, numerous other joint degrees and our international research presence; the recognised “Excellence” of particular departments, including Law, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics and Sciences; and our commitment to issues of environmental sustainability and design.

Recent successes include 2018’s inauguration of the Rome Tre Ostia Campus, the first and only in Italy to offer a degree in Ocean Engineering focused particularly on renewable energy. From the academic year 2019-20, the campus’ offering will be expanded with a new three-year degree in Legal Services for Territorial and IT Security. With such new courses, Roma Tre aims to open up new professional and training opportunities for its students and young people from all over Italy.

Roma Tre’s founding values include the promotion of international research, higher education and the development and dissemination of knowledge, environmental protection, international solidarity, equality among genders, and the recognition and incentivization of merit. The university’s teaching and research constantly interact across disciplines, are oriented to a global world, promote the updating and enrichment of knowledge, and combine with third stream activities as a vehicle for technological transfer and local development. The international dimension is a strategic element for the university, which adheres to the inspirational principles and instruments of the Magna Charta Universitatum Europaeum and the European Research and Higher Education Area.


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