Exhibitors 2020

Manetas Apocalisse

Like John of the Apocalypse, I will also try to write or speak my Apocalypse, the "Apocalypse of Manetas". John did it in a cave in the island of Patmos, for us “Holy Caves” are the emptied industrial structures such as Rome's “Gazometro” where the Maker Faire Rome was scheduled to happen before Covid19. The event will now be happening online and it's online - on Instagram- that "Manetas' Apocalypse" will be written, Post-by-Post.
Still, those Posts will be appearing in different physical locations: I'll be also working on a Covid19-free Parallel Universe! On that World, during the four days of the event, I will be inhabiting the Gasholder and because in both Universes I"ll be spending most of my time on Social Media, I hope I’ll succeed setting up an "Existential PPP" (PPP: Point- to-point protocol).


Miltos Manetas

Athens: October 6, 1964 LIVES AND WORKS: Between Rome, New York and Bogotá EDUCATION: 1985-1989 Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera
Miltos Manetas is a Greek-born painter, conceptual artist and theorist whose work explores the representation and the aesthetics of the information society. Manetas is the Founder of NEEN (the first art movement of the 21st century), a pioneer of art-after-videogames (MACHINIMA) and an instigator of Postinternet. In 2009 he was invited by the Venice Biennial to create its first INTERNET PAVILION. In 2014, invited by Rome's Swiss Institute to propose a tendency that would bring Swiss art to the digital Age, Manetas introduced the concept of ÑEWPRESSIONISM which he went on developing on Social Media using his techniques of Overeality and Metascreen. Manetas used DOCUMENTA 14 to re-enforce his concept of MEDIOSUD while in 2019, invited by Rome's MACRO he presented his NEOUMILE Modus Operandi. In 2018, Rome's MAXXI realized Manetas' Internet Paintings, a three months performative exhibition. During the Covid19 Pandemia, Manetas put together "Assange Condition" an exhibition at Palazzo Delle Esposizioni in Rome that was kept closed to the public while it could be viewed online. According to LEV MANOVICH, Manetas' art can be placed within a well-established tradition in modern painting (representing modern people in their particular modern settings). According to NICOLAS BOURRIAUD Manetas' work belongs to the domain of RELATIONAL AESTHETICS and POST-PRODUCTION

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