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Many brands are altering their logos to promote social distancing and  encourage staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic.


Brands with extremely well-known logos, including restaurant company McDonalds and German car companies Audi and Volkswagen, have separated elements within their logos to encourage social distancing.


Mc Donald’s new logo to promote social distancing




Social distancing – reducing non-essential contact with others and maintaining a distance of around two metres from other people – is one of the key strategies that will slow the spread of coronavirus Covid-19.

To raise awareness of the need to distance from others, Volkswagen increased the gap between the V and the W in its flat logo, which was recently created to mark to the “start of a new era”. The logo was placed above the words “Thanks for keeping your distance“.

In Brasil, McDonalds altered its iconic golden arches M logo in a similar manner. The company posted a picture on its Facebook page with the two arches separated and standing alone.

Audi also separated the four, usually interconnected, rings of its logo for a post on social media. The automobile company posted a video showing the altered logo on Twitter, alongside a message that read “stay at home, keep your distance, stay healthy, support each other – we are in this together.”


Audi “Stay healthy, keep your distance, but never forget we’re all in this together”


Other brands have focused on the need for people to stay at home. Numerous countries are now on lockdown with the majority of people being encouraged to stay within their homes for their own safety and to slow the spread of the virus.


In Israel, advertising company McCann‘s created a version of an IKEA-assembly manual for the furniture company. Alongside the words “stay höme” is a picture of a house, with icons of a key, lock and toilet paper.



Brewer Guinness has been circulating a version of one of its classic averts, but with the foam on top of the pint replaced with a sofa. The advert was designed by freelancer Luke O’Reilly, who gave permission for Guinness to circulate it.

The stay at home creative really drove home the message,” explained Grainne Wafer, global brand director of Guinness.

In one simple visual it captured the seriousness of the times that we’re in, while also bringing a smile to people. We’ve been in touch with Luke – and hopefully we’ll get to meet over a pint in the not too distant future.”

Nike has also created an advert to promote staying at home. The sportswear brand opted for a simple message rather than altering its logo. “Play inside, play for the world“, states the advert.



Other designers have also been redrawing brands logos to show the impact of coronavirus.

Last week Slovenian graphic designer Jure Tovrljan redrew the logos of brands including the Olympics, Starbucks and Nike to show the affect the virus is having on people’s lives.