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“bubble shield” by designlibero imagines a solar-powered personal space


For this project Libero Rutilo and Ekaterina Shchetina of DesignLibero have brought the phrase ‘living in your own bubble’ into manifestation.

Developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to limit the spread of the virus, the ‘bubble shield’ concept is essentially a physical barrier created to protect people in public spaces.




We all live in our world and this ‘bubble shield’ concept proposes how the idea of a private protected zone could become physical. going one step further than social distancing measures, this plastic and inflatable ball imagines a way of walking around our cities without the fear of coming into contact with the micro-particles of a virus or even harmful air pollution. 




The concept is made from thermic-welded ETFE and is electric and solar powered. to inflate the micro structure, a battery pack located in the backpack acts as power supply for an air pump compressor and fan coils, which purify the air through interchangeable filters.

The bubble is composed of two halves that are attached together with an easy-open zipper, allowing users to easily step in and out of their own personal shield.  









Project Info

project name: bubble shield

design: libero rutilo + ekaterina shchetina (designlibero)



source: Design Bloom

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