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MAKER FAIRE ROME 2020 edition goes Digital , online, And in STREAMING

A sneak preview on content, guests and speakers. Warning: spoiler!


As you may probably know, this year Maker Faire Rome goes digital and moves fully online. This time, you won’t have to come to Rome, it will be Maker Faire Rome to reach you wherever you will be. On smartphones, tablets, laptops: all you need to experience a whole new Maker Faire Rome experience is a connected device.


How to participate

We have created a digital platform that is inspired by the event you know, where the pavillions are themed route, the exhibitors’ booths are web pages and exhibitors are available to interact with you.

In addition to the exhibitors’ stands – that you will be able to visit, to connect and meet,  a tv-like live channel will stream a tight schedule of events, interviews, conferences and shows, both general and themed.

On top of that, an entire calendar of webinars, workshops and other educational formats on innovation, in its broader meaning, will complete the offer.


From agritech to foodtech, from digital manufacturing to robotics, from artificial intelligence to mobility, from the circular economy to health, from IoT to recycling, from Data Science to Sport Tech, to the sections dedicated to Fashion, Art and Music that will explore the intersection of arts, science and technology.



  • Opening Conference: the appointment that kicks off the event and sets the tone for the following three days. Unmissable.
  • Data Driven Innovation, entirely dedicated to the world of data-enabled innovation
  • I-RIM, the most important Italian conference on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Education area

  • for teachers, a calendar filled with webinars, training and  workshops, curated by Campustore
  • for students of all ages, with entertainment and learning paths curated by Codemotion

Music & Art

We would really risk spoiling but in the Maker Music section we have built an absolutely amazing schedule!

Just to mention a few guests and give you an idea: Samuel (Subsonica), Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil), linguist Vera Gheno, Riccardo Sinigallia, Vasco Brondi, Paola Maugeri, Danno (Colle der Fomento), Ensi, director Andrea De Sica. The list is much longer and soon you will be able to discover it directly from the complete program that we will be online soon.

As for Maker Art is regarded, the list of attending artists is equally outstanding: Ra di Martino, Anouk Wipprecht, Elena Bellantoni, Antoni Abad, Vincenzo Marsiglia, Miltos Manetas, Quayola, Donato Piccolo, Claudia Hart, Lev Manovich and many others with works, talk, live chat sessions, performances and some surprises


Startup pitching session

The best of Italian new business creation: startups from every sector present themselves to the Maker Faire Rome’s audience to validate products and services, pitch to investors, tell us about their path. At Maker Faire Rome, also the best of VCs from Italy, Europe, Israel and the USA.


International Drone Competition

In collaboration with Riders AI and Officine Robotiche, a competition open to everyone, beginners and experts, in a super competitive digital environment. A challenge on the last flight, immersive and exhilarating, among fans from all over the world, and with an interesting set of prizes to be won.


Keynote speakers

We have called them from every corner of the globe. You will discover them from Thursday 10 December, during the Opening Conference, and they will accompany you during all the days of Maker Faire Rome 2020: they are the keynote speakers. They are many, from industry and research, from the world of art and culture, from civil commitment to politics.

Here are just few names, to give you an idea … and to allow you to save the dates in the diary:

Anouk Wipprecht, Fashiontech
Oussama Khatib, Stanford
Barbara Caputo, Italian Institute of Technology
Bernie Roth, Stanford


Many companies, from any industry and dimension, have already joined Maker Faire Rome 2020 and happily embraced its decision to move entirely online. They are busy now setting up their exhibition spaces and putting together a very rich schedule of contents to be streamed through the Maker Faire Rome digital platform.

Even in a particularly tough year like the one we are experiencing, Maker Faire Rome 2020 can count on solid foundations to continue to amaze its audience: Eni and Sanofi, two leading companies in the energy and pharmaceutical sector have, in fact, confirmed their commitment and support to the greatest European kermesse on innovation by sharing content, vision and goals. Eni, once again Main Partner of Maker Faire Rome 2020, is committed to an innovative and challenging decarbonisation process linked to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and is at the forefront of issues crucial for our future such as renewable energy, the circular economy and projects for the production of bio, blue and green products. At Maker Faire Rome 2020 Eni will be also presenting Joule, the brand new Eni business school aimed to  support the newly born entrepreneurship and to nurture a sustainable startups ecosystem.

Agenda 2030 maker
Agenda 2030 – UN Sustainable Development Goals

On the other hand, the Make to Care contest, the precious Sanofi initiative in collaboration with Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition, will be also on stage at Maker Faire Rome 2020. Make to Care brings out and facilitate the creation, as well as the dissemination, of innovative and useful solutions to meet the real needs of people with any form of disability.

For the first time in its history, the announcement of the winners of Maker to Care and their awards will take place during Maker Faire Rome. In the digital platform of Maker Faire Rome it will therefore be possible to meet the finalists, view their projects, understand how those specific solutions came about and get excited about their eventual victory!

Make to Care by Sanofi

Arrow Elettonics  will be there, too. Arros is a leading company in electronic business services that overlook the entire life cycle of products, from conception to implementation, both for the the  engineering industry and the supply chain. At Maker Faire Rome 2020, Arrow will introduce the audience to some of its own partners which may help innovators, entrepreneurs and startups beating a successful paths.



The “all-Roman” presence is ensured by ACEA. We suggest that you keep an eye on ours and its social channels: this partner has a surprise in store for all Roman participants, or those who will be passing by in Rome from December 8.

The “regional” oversight is responsibility of Regione Lazio, with whom the partnership has been already in plan for sometimes, thanks to Maker Faire Academy: a cycle of training and in-depth webinars dedicated to makers, companies and aspiring entrepreneurs, to develop technological skills in the 4.0 business environment.

At Maker Faire Rome 2020 also ST, Conrad, Teko, Unicredit, Campania Region, Dintec and many other companies that we will present to you in the coming days.


How to participate

You can access the platform simply by registering. Participation will be totally free.

To improve the visit experience, you can profile yourself by expressing preferences on the topics and activities you expect to find during the event. You will receive suggestions and notifications in line with your interests.

From December 10, access the platform and become familiar with the best of innovation from around the world to your home for four days.

Follow us on our social channels – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram – to preview the complete program. Or wait for the next newsletter. By the way, have you signed up? ? You can do it here


Looking forward to seeing you on December 10 – 13 at  

Until We Meet Again ❤️