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Maker Faire Rome 2021, the star projects | Sally PQ-1, the homemade satellite

Sally PQ-1 is the first pocketcube satellite prototype designed and built at home, based on an arduino with 3D printed internal structures, with an onboard computer and external structural pcb. Pocketcube is a type of miniaturised satellite used for space research, occupying a volume of about 5 cm³, weighing no more than 250 grams and generally using commercial off-the-shelf electronic components for its electronics.

Sally PQ-1 is a project developed by Davide Petenzi. «I’m a 37-year-old pizza delivery man – he says – and I’ve been passionate about innovation, electronics, space exploration and computers all my life. I have a mini fablab at home with 3 3D printers and I would like to share my passions and projects with as many people as possible». Sally PQ-1 was among the featured projects at the ninth edition of Maker Faire Rome 2021, Fabrication area. 

Let me introduce myself I am Sally PQ-1

Sally PQ-1 is a prototype pocketqube satellite designed and built at home.



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