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MFR19 Reloaded


More than 103 thousand people attended the event: take a leap into #MFR19!

From 18 to 20 October 2019 at Maker Faire Rome technology enthusiasts, digital artisans, schools, universities, educators, research centers, artists, students, businesses and an audience of onlookers met of all ages ready to jump into the future!

Technological innovation and environmental respect characterized the seventh edition of the largest European innovation event. With MFR19, in fact, a carbon neutral approach was adopted for the first time to actively participate in the fight against climate change.
The intent was to start a virtuous, difficult and demanding path that could reduce the fair’s environmental impact by transforming it into an event of great environmental value, as well as technological. A large part of the greenhouse gas emissions generated on the opening days of the event will shortly be compensated through the planting of the Maker Faire Rome forest whose trees will be individually traced with a Code and a geo-localization system.

Furthermore, only certified energy produced from renewable sources was used as part of the event.

In support of this ambitious project, all the material used to administer food & beverage was fully biodegradable and certified compostable.

Here is what Maker Faire Rome 2019 has been

Hundreds of inventions, attractions and creations await the visitors to the Fiera di Roma, covering more than 50.000 m2 of covered display areas.
We are giving space to creative, innovative, entertaining, interactive and educational projects, driven by passion and ingenuity.
Maker Faire Rome is a large fair for inventions and innovation open to all forms of applied creativity, from serious and innovative ideas to more imaginative ones, from new technologies to traditional “know how” and handicraft.
We will display to inventions and projects on topics of design, electronics, digital handicraft, health and quality of life, art, drones, energy, sustainability, open sources….

Robotics and artificial intelligence, circular economy, IoT – Internet of things, digital manufacturing, foodtech, agritech, urbantech, smart mobility, technologies for sport and health, sustainable building, virtual and augmented reality, space, art and publishing: will be some of the main themes of the 2019 edition.

More than 600 projects will be exhibited at Maker Faire Rome 2019, in 7 pavilions of  Fiera di Roma.

  • Pavillon 3: Re-think  
    Bioeconomy, Circular Economy, Energy, Food & Agriculture
  • Pavillon 5: Learn 
    Drones, Kids, Schools, Young Makers
  • Pavillon 6: Create 
    Art, Cultural Heritage, Design, Health, Music, Sport
  • Pavillon 7: Discover 
    Aerospace, EdTech, Science
  • Pavillon 8: Make 
    3D Printing, Digital Fabrication, Electronics, Startup
  • Pavillon 9: Research 
    Artificial Intelligence, Robotics
  • Pavillon 10: Agorà 
    Conference, Virtual Reality

Main topics

Maker Art
A project that aimed to investigate the relationship between contemporary art and new technologies, through the creation of synergistic and integrated paths between makers and a select group of international artists, with the aim of creating a genuine exhibition of interactive installations within the event that is able to interact with the audience and offer many different ways of interpreting the culture of technological innovation. Maker Faire Rome, by its nature, is the ideal place to create artistic, immersive and multimedia paths that, thanks to the use of technology, can express the ever closer relationship between man and machine.


Spark – Light on EdTech
SPARK was a dedicated section of Maker Faire Rome focused on technologies for education. It called together the best thinking in education, tech companies and research to help all of them to become even better at what they do.
SPARK was where education professionals and technology providers from several different domains – such as robotics, AI and machine learning, Augmented Reality, etc – gathered to network, share ideas, grow professionally and discover solutions to today’s challenges. It was meant to make the most out of the Maker Faire Rome – the European Edition tech community and match it with the education world, so to provide a space for them both to relate to each other, learn from, and stay connected throughout the year.


Robotics and artificial intelligence

In the last two editions, the organizers of Maker Faire Rome, encouraged by a growing interest from the public, have focused heavily on robotics and artificial intelligence. Suffice it to say that, on these issues, we went from an exhibition of 400 square meters in 2017 to over 1000 square meters in 2018, with a strong increase in the number of prototypes and dedicated conferences. The quality of the exhibitors and speakers made the difference. And to confirm the strong interest in these issues, the 2019 edition has made it possible to make a great leap forward: in fact, a close collaboration has started with the Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Machines (I-RIM), which aims to connect the world of research and academia with the world of business and industry. The event launched by the new Institute was hosted within MFR 2019 in a special exhibition area, with demonstration installations and projects of excellence from all over the world. There have also been high-level science outreach conferences and machinery manufacturing events.


Circular economy
The great problem of the circular economy and, in particular, of the bioeconomy, green building, greenentech are always present issues that MFR has successfully tackled, proposing practical demonstrations and hosting debates of important experts in the sector.


Also in 2019 Maker Faire Rome hosted a large section oriented to the space sector, with the aim of concentrating the disciplines, activities and results relating to or deriving from the space sector.

The theme was the human exploration of Mars and, in particular, the role that the creators will have in the first permanent settlements on the Red Planet. The purpose of this area, by the British Interplanetary Society, was to gather experiences, inventions, innovations and knowledge that could have a practical application in this new context.

There were 391 conferences, seminars and educational workshops on current topics, such as domotics of industry 4.0, drones and robotics, 3D printing, IoT – Internet of Things, circular economy, technology applied to means of transport, cooking and music.



As always, the kids area was an entire pavilion dedicated to learning and entertaining young people with school projects, workshops for small makers and many entertainment activities to entertain and learn.


The Opening Conference of “Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition” 2019 took place on Thursday 17 October at 17:45 in the heart of the capital.

GROUNDBREAKERS – RE: MAKING THE FUTURE“, this is the title of a spectacular two-hour event made up of innovation stories told by important international speakers.
Groundbreakers, pioneers, forerunners: they are those who work in the present with what will be our normal tomorrow.
With the ironic participation of and the video greeting by Luca Parmitano from the International Space Station.
During the event, the winners of the “Make Christmas Lights” (Acea) and “Make to Care” (Sanofi – Genzyme) contests were announced and awarded.


Waiting for MFR19

Take a look what we have organized Waiting for MFR19, the program of initiatives that precede the event and that every year helps us to draw attention to the innovation themes that will then be the protagonists of the big event in October.

Robot What is Maker Faire?

It is the most important event in the world of innovation. Is a showcase of invention, creativity, and resourcefulness. Maker Faire gathers together tech enthusiasts, crafters, educators, tinkerers, schools, universities, research institutes, artists, students, and corporations. Makers come to show their creations and share their learnings. Attendees flock to Maker Faire to glimpse the future and find the inspiration to become Makers themselves.


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