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OSEQ brings the next generation 3D printing surface to Maker Faire Rome 2023


OSEQ makes the best 3D printing surface on the planet. Smart, practical, problem solving. They will be showcasing their new SAFE SHEETS series at Maker Faire Rome 2023 in October.


The 3D printing bed, also known as the build plate, is one of the most important components of any 3D printer. Think of it as the screen of your mobile phone. Your printer can’t just lay out melted filament on any surface and a poor-quality build plate will likely lead to print failure. That’s why OSEQ will exhibit its new generation SAFE SHEETS with perfect adhesion and a special surface finish with PEI, at Maker Faire Rome 2023.

The importance of a quality 3D printing surface

The primary function of a print bed is to provide a flat and smooth, yet adhesive surface for the bottom (first) layer to stick to during the print. For this to happen, the print bed needs to form a temporary bond with the first layer of extruded filament, so the model doesn’t move mid-print and cause an issue. 

Since 3D printing has widely spread, bed adhesion is one of the most commonly debated topics. Most people have issues with bed adhesion and most of the time it’s caused by improper bed levelling. But there are other cases where the print surface is not the right thing for the job, or it’s low quality.

Nowadays, there are many options for 3D printer build plates, all with different features, sizes and other characteristics. It’s also important to mention that some print beds are better for printing certain materials than others. OSEQ introduces a new standard of quality which guarantees the success of any 3D print on any 3D printer.

credits: OSEQ

In this article, we present you what’s aiming to be the best 3D printing surface on the planet. So, you would have access to the best build plate options on the market, which can be used with any 3D printer to improve adhesion and ensure a high-quality printing experience, every time.

About OSEQ

OSEQ is a relatively new company on the market. Original the one-man show of Tomas Dymes, it grew wider into a young dynamic team of ten folks. Tomas, with his years of experiences in 3D printing field, is THE brain and, often, also the hands of development. He’s a visionary with great plans for the future.

Safe all around

The world of 3D printing is undeniably one of the quickest developing fields and holds a huge potential. OSEQ SAFE SHEETS bring a smart element of safety into this world. The indication stripe turns red as the sheet reaches printable temperature and fades away once it cools down and is safe to touch. Red means too hot to handle. That’s why OSEQ sheets are safe to use even in an environment with children around – such as schools and hobby groups.

The SAFE element also pays off in 3D printing farms, where operators can easily and quickly recognise the sheet’s readiness for printing. No more complicated reading of the display. This increases comfort and speeds up the service in a mass production.


The indisputable advantage of OSEQ sheets is especially their adhesion. The special surface finish with PEI – polyetherimide polymer together with our know-how guarantees perfect adhesion for the first layers of the print, which is crucial for the success of the entire print. That entirely eliminates unpleasant experiences when you leave your printer unsupervised for a couple of hours and instead of returning back to the finished print, you only find a messy ball of filament – the so-called “spaghetti”.


Flexibility is another big advantage. OSEQ sheets are fully flexible, so for an easy separation of the print you simply bend the sheet when it’s cool and the print will just pop up.

OSEQ sheets are also distinguished by a specific method of production, which is different from other producers such as Prusa. This dissimilarity lies in the special treatment of the input materials as well as the advanced application of the PEI surface finish, which guarantees trouble-free printing.

Are you wondering how to connect the SAFE SHEET to your printer? Simple! The basic material of the sheet is steel, so you only need to use the magnetic pad in between. 

credits: OSEQ

OSEQ and the partnership with Maker Faire Rome

OSEQ marks the beginning of a new era in the 3D printing world. OSEQ means obsession for quality and they want to showcase the most reliable 3D printing surface in existence today and set a new standard for the industry. Their products are called SAFE SHEETS because OSEQ’s vision expands beyond influencers and the 3D printing community, to include also children, families and schools.

Exactly this extremely diverse and varied audience that gathers together at Maker Faire Rome.

Through the partnership, OSEQ looks for visibility for its products and access to the Italian and South-European market of professional and non-professional 3D Printing community. From its side, Maker Faire Rome is happy to provide its audience with correct information about the importance of quality 3D build plates, so as to help it make best-informed purchasing decisions. 

Attention: spoilers about OSEQ participation at Maker Faire Rome 2023!

At #MFR2023 OSEQ will present a new family of SAFE SHEETS with a new safety design, improved surface adhesion with new characteristics, plus a new product custom made for the Bambu Lab.

The OSEQ team, committed to deliver you the best 3D printing plate on the planet! credtis: OSEQ


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