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The future of education at Maker Faire Rome 2023, October 20-22

Step into the future of education at the “EdTech” area of MFR2023

Join us at Maker Faire Rome 2023 to learn about the new industry trends and latest technology for education


It’s going to be a fall packed with new inspiration for educational professionals. Join us at Maker Faire Rome 2023 to learn about the new industry trends and latest technology for learning and education.

Innovation in service of education? That’s the focus of Maker Faire Rome 2023, the European event that moves at the pace of innovation. The event will take place at the Fiera di Roma October 20-22. The fair, now in its 11th edition and a reference point for all science and technology professionals and enthusiasts, is where you can meet the protagonists of innovation, create business opportunities and explore the future, including that of education and learning, thanks to the dedicated EdTech area. Here, visitors can immerse themselves in interactive and engaging experiences designed to promote “learning by doing” for students as well as teachers and educators.

Maker Faire Rome 2023: let the students speak!

Ever since its first edition in 2013, Maker Faire Rome has highlighted the creativity of young people and the value of ideas that come out of schools in Italy and abroad. For the 2023 edition, thanks to Call For Schools and in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Merit, the EdTech area will host projects from more than 50 schools, which will present them to companies, investors and the general public. This is an exclusive stage for all student projects, to showcase the importance of creativity and innovation to education today.

Opportunities for teachers and professional trainers

The vast area dedicated to innovation in education is one of the important elements that makes Maker Faire Rome a favorite place for teachers. Over the course of the fair’s three days, teachers and educators can learn about the latest industry trends and digital and technological solutions, as well as participate in workshops and interactive seminars, either alone or with their students. From the development and innovation of educational methodologies to coding, gaming and immersive experiences, the solutions and inspiration at Maker Faire Rome aim to spark the interest and curiosity of education professionals and improve their work and the experience of their students.

A look at the protagonists of the Learn@MFR Area

The Learn@MFR Area is the nerve center of educational innovation at this year’s Maker Faire Rome 2023. The purpose of this area is to provide an overview of the opportunities that technology and innovation can offer, and that includes for STEM subjects. Here, Italian and international industry leaders will come together to present the latest solutions in the fields of electronics, robotics and digital technology that offer innovative 4.0 educational environments, with the chance to test out experiences in augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and gamified activities. Visitors can actively participate in presentations, immersive workshops and talks and enjoy unique educational experiences for both students and teachers. Expect to see ALLNET, CampuStore and R-Store in this area.

ALLNET, a leader in distribution, presents Brick’R’Knowledge, a series of modular kits designed to teach electronics and the Internet of Things (IoT) in a simple and fun way. These kits allow students to create circuits of varying degrees of complexity, offering a practical approach to learning electrical engineering. Brick’R’Knowledge offers so much for both students, who can learn the basics of electronics with ease, and for teachers, who can use the modular system to explain complex curricular concepts even to the youngest students. ALLNET makes learning about electronics accessible to all through playful and effective learning for young people.

CampuStore is a leader in certified teacher training. The Learn@MFR Area will host free certified and MIUR-recognized workshops for innovative educational solutions through operational laboratories. This will give teachers access to the best resources for modern and engaging teaching. Participants can take inspiration from ideas for activities regarding STEM, Circular Economy, Hybrid learning ecosystems, Robotics and Automation, specific courses for children, coding, educational electronics and creativity.

  • R-Store innovates learning environments

For years, R-Store has been working to promote the importance of education and school as a driver of global change. The company offers complete solutions for teaching and helps schools to effectively integrate technology into the classroom. The R-Store team has always worked to innovate the learning environment with experience, training and personalized assistance to help others reach their educational goals by supplying advanced technologies

Step into the future, visit Maker Faire Rome with your class

Maker Faire Rome 2023 is the future of education, the ideal place for a school trip for middle- and high-school students. They will be immersed in a new, creative and stimulating learning environment. In the EdTech area, students, teachers and technology enthusiasts can explore the latest technological solutions and discover new methodologies in the field of education.

More information about how to visit and access for school trips will be available in the coming weeks. Visit our website at and stay up to date on our social media for the latest.


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