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Water it's a precious resource for our life, and it must to be safeguarded. Every day we use it for our needs but with obsolete technologies. WaterSave is an innovative domestic water managment system and It can reduce a lot the incredible wast in the world (about 40 liters per person everyday). Only with shower, we don't use about 12 liters of water; in particular we waiting for hot water with open flow, meantime a lot of liters aren't used. With WaterSave we can choose the temperature, then the device accumulates the cold water in a tank, until a sensor finds the suitable temperature. After this, cold and hot water can be mixed and used without wasted water. In the last part of process, we used a support of professional bio cosmetics product to obtain a balanced Ph of water used, so we can use it to automatic irrigation of garden or vegetable garden .



Alfonso Coppola, was born in Cava dei Tirreni (SA) in 1991. From child he studies drum and piano. At the age of 16 He started to produce music for some label in Milano, Bulgary, Ungary and Japan. His tracks was upload on iTunes, Spotify, Beatport and on-air for Berlin radio. The passion for electronic world goes to new sector: electronic project. He loves animals and respect the environment and for this reason he develops some urban project that can improve human life. After high school he sign up to Electronic engineer. He loves to read scientific books about famous names such as Faraday, Joule, Reich, Steiner, Tesla and more. With His thesis "Energy Trunched Pyramid" he gets a prize and the possibility to show it during Maker Faire Rome 2015. In 2016 he develops a lot of project, but the most important was E-Round, a innovative urban roundabout that produces energy thanks to four conversion: wind, rain, solar and mechanical. With E-Round he was interviewed by important journal and italian Tv broadcast and goes to Maker Faire 2016. After this important experience, he creates others project for “EuFactor-il genio è dentro di te”. In 2017 he studies a lot for improve the quality of projects and founded "Rithema" an incubator of innovative ideas. In 2018 he dedicates to the construction of thermodynamic engine, a new type of urban asphalt and at the competion of his book "La Scienza anarchica della vita".

Raffaele Francese, was born in Nocera Inferiore (SA) in 1991. From child he was curious to functioning mechanisms of things. He loves to read fantasy books and start to write some ideas about his novels. At the beginning of high school he frequents agrarian course for two years, fascinated by natural world; after this experience he graduated in stylist academy . Enthusiasm, brings him in graphic sector and will work in this field for some time before landing in the world of biocosmetic product. He started to develop some product for body and for treat skin disfunction. An ecletic personality that allows it to cover many position in companies. In 2017 he met an old friend, Alfonso Coppola, with which start an intense collaboration. He takes part of Rithema team and in the last months, at the same time , he continues to write his fantasy novels that will come out in 2019.

  D17 (pav. 6) - Rithema

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