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Massimiliano Aiazzi
Wooden mechanical game machine entirely hand-made (with 90% recycled wood), with "Leonardian" gears.

Renato Reggiani
A real small Kitchen Garden for schools and students to see a plant grow in the class from seed to the harvest, completing a complete cycle . A technology developed for an experiment on the international space station, with structures for growing indoor and outdoor and patented LED photosynthesis stimulators from space a space experiment that replace the sun.
  E4 (pav. 9)

Esther Borao
''The Ifs'' is an educational game for children to learn programming. The game contains a 4-members robotic family (Liam, Holly, Emma and Noah) who interact each other thanks to electronic pieces.

Steampunk 99
Clothing and accessories steampunk and not, handmade and with the help of 3D printing, hot-wire cutting with numerical control, laser cutter, CNC milling cutter and other traditional and digital equipment.

Giuseppe Massaria, Antonio Idà
ALAN-1 is a robot of the "Rover" category, which integrates several advanced functions: • Streaming camera • Facial recognition • Tracing objects in the space around them • Function follow line in a path • Through the infrared sensors, the robot is able to move on a surface without falling, detecting the lack thereof. • Function prevents obstacles by ultrasonic sensor • Movement in automatic mode • Movement in manual mode through GUI (custom) graphical interface • Battery level measurement using the ADC module. • Voice functions with mini speaker • 20x4 LCD display • Custom GUI (graphical interface) • Multi thread system • Wireless charging base (built specifically for the robot)

Associazione Culturale Scienza Divertente Roma

Massimiliano Aiazzi
Wooden car with elastic propulsion using a "Lantern gear" by Leonardo da Vinci.

Boboto srl Società Benefit

Tech Team Srl
For the Rome 2018 maker faire we offer a fun and educational day for the little children, where design and rapid prototyping become a simple game to understand. …

Darya Yegoring and Inna Armstrong - Co-founders of CleverBooks
CleverBooks brings school subjects to “Life” providing curriculum-based STEM-oriented EdTech resources powered by Augmented reality technology to supplement traditional teaching.

Leyla Tawfik
Ethafa is a maker kit designed to introduce more arabic girls into STEAM education.

Makeroni Labs
Eye of Horus is an open source platform to control any device just looking at them. The project (hardware & software) was built from scratch during the Space Apps Zaragoza to solve the Space Wearables challenge. This device could help engineers from NASA and astronauts on their tasks. The system combines eye tracking with a frontal camera to know where you are looking. The target devices are identified using light beacons (similar to LiFi technology) and controlled with wireless protocols.

Massimiliano Aiazzi
Wooden mechanical pinball machine entirely hand-made (with 90% recycled wood), with "Leonardian" gears.

Massimiliano Aiazzi
Wooden mechanical pinball machine entirely hand-made (with 90% recycled wood), with "Leonardian" gears.

Massimiliano Aiazzi
Wooden mechanical pinball machine entirely hand-made (with 90% recycled wood), with "Leonardian" gears.


Aurélien - Sandra - Katrin
Thanks to the Gamebuino META , play all the games you loved and learn how to make them.

GARR è la rete nazionale a banda ultralarga dedicata alla comunità dell’istruzione e della ricerca. Il suo principale obiettivo è quello di fornire connett …

Scuola di Robotica
The next step of Robotic Challenges: Humanoids’ used to foster the passion for science, technology, and innovation in young people through the social use of robotics.

Scuola di Robotica - HUMANOIDS FESTIVAL
  E22 (pav. 9)

Scuola di Robotica - HUMANOIDS FESTIVAL
  E23 (pav. 9)

Scuola di Robotica - HUMANOIDS FESTIVAL
  E9 (pav. 9)

Scuola di Robotica - HUMANOIDS FESTIVAL
  E24 (pav. 9)

Scuola di Robotica - HUMANOIDS FESTIVAL
  E25 (pav. 9)

Kanso srl - Negozio 4.0
  TS.2 (pav. )

Singular Devices Maker Studio
KusiBot is an inclusive educational robot that allows interaction with the environment to those who have severe difficulties of physical control.

Marco Brocchieri
L3LL is an educational robot designed to enhance 21st century skills. It is particularly suitable for schools and Fab Labs.

Massimiliano Aiazzi
Wooden game of medieval inspiration, entirely hand-made (with 90% recycled wood) and featuring "Leonardian" gears.

Lapis s.n.c. di R.Punzi e C.

Scuola di Robotica - HUMANOIDS FESTIVAL
  E18 (pav. 9)

Scuola di Robotica - HUMANOIDS FESTIVAL
  E19 (pav. 9)

Scuola di Robotica - HUMANOIDS FESTIVAL
  E20 (pav. 9)

Scuola di Robotica - HUMANOIDS FESTIVAL
  E21 (pav. 9)

Scuola di Robotica - HUMANOIDS FESTIVAL
  E11 (pav. 9)

Conductive Crafting with Space Tape

Gianfranco Pulitano, Daniela D'andrea, Mariglen Ymeraj, studenti dell'istituto I.C. G.Marconi di Castelfranco Emilia
An open source robot to be created with 3D printers and Arduino as a brain to be programmed.

Valeria Cristino ~ Team N4M3
The traditional becomes innovative and fun! Do you want to learn how to take the first steps in the world of programming, without stopping playing? You're in th …

Tiziana M.P. Cattaneo, Annamaria Stellari
The main requirements of the mobile shop are: simplicity, flexibility, energy saving and energy autonomy thanks to the use of renewable energy.

Oracle Innovation Lab - Italia
Proxima Smart City: model of a scaled down automated city implementing, via IoT and Cloud Computing, several useful functions such as Smart Building, Smart Parking, Smart Trash, Smart Lighting and Smart Safety.

PuppyBot is a cute robot created to allow people to enter into the world of robotics in a funny way.


Fernanda Ledesma; Luís Dourado; Artur Coelho
Robot Anprino is a portuguese educational robotics platform, that uses the power of arduino, blocks-based coding and 3D printing to create a low-cost, modular robot to be used in educational settings.

Robot Band
  One Love Machine Ban

Sapienza Università di Roma

Sapienza Università di Roma

Massimiliano Aiazzi
Three musicians – a pianist, a drummer and a double bass player – who play their instruments thanks to a series of gears, cams and wires.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation

Steampact Project
An interactive Steampunk workshop, with crafts and furniture that seem to come out from a Jules Verne's novel.

Pier Calderan
Modern reproduction with totally robotic control of the chess-playing Turk, originally produced by Wolfgang von Kempelen in 1769.
  E15 (pav. 9)

Mario Cuomo e Francesca Leone
Timeboom is a world that links fun and teach. It's an idea born to help children to learn math easily.
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