Exhibitors 2018

La Domotica fai-da-me

I made an autonomous system (it doesn't depend By Cloud services) that permit to manage your home: video sourvelliance (if someone open your house door, the system sends you the images), monitoring energy used, you recieve warning before the provider cut off the electric energy if you absorb too much, remote control (light, irrigation pumps, ...) ad so on. Only using Telegram app.
Cheap to build. Totally open source, you can make your own.

La Domotica fai-da-me

Francesco Tucci

Nerd, passionate about technology, I love getting my hands dirty between circuits and microcontrollers.
I conduct two techonological podcasts, one for maker and nerd, the other for beginners who want to learn how the devices that are used daily work.
I like to think that if we know a bit about the devices we use, we will use them in a more profitable way.
I work from more than 20 in the IT sector, dealing with infrastructure, servers, networks and users.

  B7 (pav. 8) - Francesco Tucci

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