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The BIOECONOMY Village, promoted by the BIOWAYS, STAR-ProBio, BIOVOICES and Biobridges Projects, funded by the European Commission, aims to raise awareness, improve knowledge on products of renewable origin and promote the applications and benefits of Bioeconomy, the circular economy and sustainability, fostering dialogue, confrontation and sharing among the general public and representatives of universities, research centers, projects, companies, associations and start-ups.
What is bioeconomy? What are bio-based products? Is it possible to make more sustainable choices for the environment and for our health?
Through the display of products, examples, thematic workshops and practical demonstrations, visitors are shown, in a clear and engaging way, how the bioeconomy is increasingly part of our daily lives and how conscious consumer choices can have a positive impact on the environment, society and the economy.
The objective of the BIOECONOMY Village is also to strengthen the dialogue between the subjects that make sustainable development and bioeconomy a concrete commitment, consolidating existing collaborations and involving new actors in the realization of the initiative.
There is even an interactive games area where you can and learn all about the bioeconomy at the same time!

This area will be divided into:

Information area and EC projects.
In this area, several projects funded by the European Commission will provide information on the circular bioeconomy and will involve the public in various awareness activities and will gather the opinions, suggestions and ideas of the public on the theme of the pavilion. (BiOWAYS, BIOVOICES, STAR Pro-BIO)

Educational area, videos and videogames.
In this area associations, journalists or scientific advisors will organize interactive activities to inform the public, videos will be screened in a continuous cycle and there will be some gaming stations to discover the circular bioeconomy playing. (FVA new media research, Frascati Scienza, Curioctopus, 06 Scienza, G.Eco, Giornalisti nell’Erba, Cisa, Mercato Circolare ScienzImpresa)



FVA new media research

FVA is an Italian SME operating since 1990 in the field of new media communication and advanced ICT solutions for research and organizations contexts.

Since 1998 FVA is involved in EU co-financed research projects as technical partner specialized in:

Strategic Dissemination and Communication to promote science
Training, co-creation workshops and focus groups with stakeholders
Media and New Media production
Social media strategies and ICT solutions (Applications, Widgets, Animated Commercials, E-games)
Serious games, advergames and entertainment
Technology Enhanced training platforms
ICT solutions, Graphic design, 3D modelling and animation, HCI and interface design
In the following domains:

SSH Social Sciences and Humanities
Social innovation and security
Together with a deep technical expertise FVA can provide to projects a strong internal experience in psychology, creativity and learning and a deep knowledge on proposal writing and management of EC research projects.

  H2 (pav. 6)
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