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La Boa Intelligente
La Boa Intelligente

La Boa Intelligente

The scientific project that our team has decided to develop consists in the creation of an intelligent device that can help the community (public bodies and municipalities) in controlling the pollution of surface water courses by verifying some essential parameters.
The team initially focused on the legislative aspect, then on the biological and chemical issues regulated by the various directives.
Our idea concerns the analysis of the waters of the Meschio river.
Thanks to the economic resources made available by our Institute, we have automated the collection of the data of the water course, through an BOA INTELLIGENTE, which with appropriate sensors, detects the parameters concerning:
- PH
- Conductivity
- Flow speed
- Depth sensor
- Temperature
- Temperature and external humidity
The sensors will be controlled by a device called ARDUINO MEGA (appropriately programmed).
The buoy will also have a GPS tracking system (in case you want to build more buoys and to locate the BOA itself) and will use GSM technology to send data to a server that will collect data in a database.
The buoy would allow a constant monitoring of the river water from a PC (via a WEB page) or from a Smartphone (with appropriate APP), by consulting tables and graphs.
In the event of an alarm (out-of-norms), our server will send an alert to the operators responsible for the control (indicating the value that caused the alarm), which if deemed appropriate, could reach the buoy to view the morphological status of the river or carry out the withdrawal of water and the resulting analysis.

La Boa Intelligente

IIS Vittorio Veneto - "Città della Vittoria", nome del team: ToioRobot

The ToioRobot team is made up of a selection of second and third class students from our Institute.
Our school is a Technological Technological Institute where there are two specializations: Computer Science and Electrotechnics.
The team coordinator is prof. Vittorio Nuvoletta while the students who have followed the project with more continuity are: Dal Molin Riccardo, Marco Soldera, Noè Gianluca, Piccinato Paolo, Morandin Marco, Tocchetto Riccardo, Parpinello Davide, Bolzan Luca

  B21 (pav. 9) - IIS Vittorio Veneto - Città della Vittoria (TV)

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