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ERWHI Hedgehog (mk3)
ERWHI Hedgehog (mk3)

ERWHI Hedgehog (mk3)

ERWHI Hedgehog is latest designed robot in ERWHI family.
ERWHI is the acronyms for "Eyed Robot With Human Interaction".

Actually is the smallest robot in the world capable of autonomous navigation and machine learning for vision.

The purpose of the project is to create a small robot that allow to test software designed for bigger robots, like autonomous cars or mobile platforms used in stores.

The codename Hedgehog is because it sound like "ERWHI Hedgehog, ERWHI at the edge" and due the big heatsink on the top that remind an hedgehog.

Software is based on ROS (Robotic Operating System), OpenVino (Intel framework for AI), YOLO v2 (framework for computer vision using deep learning) and Arduino.
The project is fully open source and open hardware, body is also 3d printable and electronics can be reproduced using on-shelf components.

ERWHI can also interact with humans doing funny stuffs, so come to ERWHI stand to learn more!

ERWHI Hedgehog (mk3)

Giovanni di Dio Bruno

I am a MD automation engineering and robotics student at University of Naples Federico II.
I also take part at open source world doing stuffs in a lot of associations like Officine Robotiche and NALUG.
Principally I love to build robots but I also like to take photographs.

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