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CanBuddy is an innovative robotic metal recycler that drives through to collect metal cans. It can either operate autonomously or be programmed for a specific route over the air (wireless, bluetooth). As soon as a metal can is detected your Canbuddy opens the door and encloses the item. Plastic, paper e.t.c. does not trigger door opening. Moreover, a rewarding point system can be offered by detecting the person who is recycling. On the top part, useful info like weather, news and viral videos can be shown. The main body of your Canbuddy can be skinned. You can have your Canbuddy with your favorite sport team, anime character, game, music group, soda company e.t.c. offering significant possibilities for advertisement. With specific adjustment, your Canbuddy can also be customized with dispensing services as well. Get and Recycle in one. The use potential is very extensive for example in airports, museums, schools, offices and more.

More info : http://www.canbuddy.rocks


2nd Vocational High school of Crete, Computing course

Our team likes to dream, innovate and offer to the community. We would like to consider ourselves life enthusiasts.

  D34 (pav. 9) - 2nd Vocational High school of Heraklion Crete (Greece)

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