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Engrave Cube (E³) is the device designed by Fablab Naples that lets you create gorgeous laser engraving in a simple and safe manner. Through the embedded w eb control interface you can, directly from your smartphone:

- compose the subject to be engraved by uploading images and adding text and emoji.
- controll the engraving process.

E³ can be used to decorate flat surfaces such as tables, smartphone and pc covers, etc. or specially designed supports (50x50mm plates).


C.Colella: Electronic Engineering;
S.Di Benedetto: Software Engineering; A.Grillo: Design

FabLab Napoli is an association of social promotion open to both public and private subjects coming from different disciplinary fields (Schools, Universities, designers, architects, engineers, makers, programmers, artisans, university students, simple curious and DIY enthusiasts) who share their skills and use devices, machines and technologies for Digital Fabrication, present within the spaces of FabLab itself, to study, design and shape their ideas. The association recognizes the fundamental importance of collaboration among its members, the democratization of access to production technologies, sharing and the culture of doing as fundamental factors for the development of sustainable innovation. The main technologies used are: Arduino, RaspberryPi, 3D Printers, CNC Milling Machine, Vinyl Cutter, Laser Cutting, 3D Scanner, Traditional Tools. FabLab activities are organized in two main areas: 1) training, through the organization of workshops, courses, lectures and events; 2) production, open laboratory, development of projects proposed directly by users, provision of prototyping and research services for professionals and companies in order to develop new products and / or innovative processes. The activities are aimed at designers and creative companies for architecture, product, urban and interactive design projects in an integrated form and through interdisciplinary exchanges of knowledge; to citizens to find a service with which to develop and build their ideas; to schools and universities to learn, learn and experiment with new digital technologies through workshops and laboratories; professionals and companies to find services and machines needed to easily prototype new products or assist local artisans in the production of their innovative products.

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