Exhibitors 2018

Amatrice prima di Amatrice

The project is based on the historical, archival and photographic research of the city of Amatrice, already merged into the realization of the scale model 1: 100, donated to the Municipality. Now it will be possible to immerse yourself directly in the ancient village through virtual reality. Through a 360-degree experience you will have the opportunity to travel in various historical periods, accompanied by informative hot spots. The project will also be accompanied by a model printed in 3D, whose buildings can be dismantled in order to illustrate the historical phases corresponding to the digital model.

Amatrice prima di Amatrice

Simone Lucchetti, Giulia Catalani, Antonio Mirandola, Massimiliano Storgato, Andrea Gallo, David D'Hallewin

The study group formed by Simone Lucchetti, Giulia Catalani, Antonio Mirandola and Massimiliano Storgato graduated with honors and dignity of publication, discussing a multidisciplinary thesis, which embraces historical research, the science of representation and restoration of monuments, focused on the city of Amatrice. The skills acquired thanks to this and previous projects, always focused on the enhancement of cultural heritage through new technologies, push the authors to start the establishment of an innovative start-up. The project presented at Maker Faire 2018 was realized thanks to the collaboration of Andrea Gallo and David D'Hallewin. The 3D printing was curated by Dr. Mario Baioli, director of the FabLab di Architettura, at La Sapienza - University of Rome.

  C13 (pav. 4) - FabLab Architettura Sapienza

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