Exhibitors 2018



Food frauds, intoxications and adulterations: these are challanges that producers and consumers face every single day.
GRIFFA, a FoodTech startup directly from the heart of the Italian Food Valley, develops new methods for the detection of food frauds. Thus, Griffa gives innovative tools for food safety and food chains throught the analysis of food DNA. GRIFFA routinely updates its private database leading to discriminate more and more raw ingredients.


Valerio Joe Utzeri, Anisa Ribani, Samuele Bovo

Valerio Joe Utzeri: I am a PhD in Agricultural, Environmental and Food Science and Technology and I have been working for 7 years in food and environmental genetics.
Anisa Ribani: I am an evolutionary molecular biologist, with a PhD in Agro food sciences. I work in the field of livestock genomics and nutrigenetics.
Samuele Bovo: I am a bioinformatician and a biotechnologist. I havea PhD in Biotechnological and Pharmaceutical sciences. My interests cover biological data analysis, the development of pipelines and bioinformatic tools.

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