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first aid drone

first aid drone

The drone can provide an initial response in the event of a medical emergency, quickly bringing the most appropriate equipment to the situation, especially when every second counts.
the first prototype is endowed with:
-of a cross structure
-of 4 "carrier" propellers
-of 2 "steering" propellers that can turn 360 °
- (solar charger) optional
and who could drive by computer

Here is the logic:
The motors rotate alternately clockwise and in the opposite direction two by two (one generates the torque and the other the tail rotor).
To go straight, you put more fishing on the engine of behind (to reverse idem but on the
front engine)
To "slider" right or left you put more fishing left or right.
To turn on your own, you reduce the power of the front and rear or right and left engines (and as this the torque or the anti-torque will make you turn in one direction or the other)
The drone integrates under arms on which is hung the health kit

first aid drone

the name i give to my startup is "Hoverbox"

Eugène koffi Acolatse
Electrical engineer at CMIM.
I'm a hudge people-personne and spend serval years in only my job but a few years ago a DIY event inspired me to get into makersht jobs and i love it.There is nothing greater than assembly project from my own imagination.
when I'm not working ,I'm usually with my two years old daughter who loves to run and exercises even more than i do.I'm very much kid at heart , love to cook,watch football play video games.
I love meeting new peoples and learning new thing,so please feel free to say hello ans share a story with me.

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