Exhibitors 2018



Lumii is an interactive game of associations, created through the Arduino platform. The child will be able to deal with three game categories: Puppies, Food, Crafts.
The goal is to arrange two wooden cards in the correct sequence, matching the figures of the same couple. Lumii lighting up and emitting distinctive sounds, will guide the player, allowing him to learn in a fun and intuitive


Annamaria Naso Benedetta di Matteo Sofia Bertini Marina Cerfeda Minjuan Yao

We are five IED Milano students (Istituto Europeo di Design) of the second year of Product Design. We define ourselves as digital artisans because we have combined in this project some of our passions for design, prototyping, programming and graphics,

  B8 (pav. 7) - A. Naso, B. di Matteo, S. Bertini, M. Cerfeda, Y. Minjuan

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