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WHEARE is a system of innovative hardware and software technologies in the detection, analysis and use of data aimed at the increasingly accurate and integrated assessment of the sports performance of the player during a football match or training.
WHEARE is a multi-sensor system that integrates GNSS data, video capture and wireless communication; it allows the monitoring and analysis in real time of the athletic performances of the players and the tactics of game: we challenge the traditional use of tracking technology in amateur football, not just finalizing it to the control of athletic performance, but also to the tactical analysis of the position and movements in the field of the player and the team as a whole.
The WHEARE tracking device, worn by the player inside a harness, sends to the receiving station on the sideline, a series of kinematic measures that integrated with the video streaming, using the WHEARE software, can provide a quantity of parameters and tactical-performance indicators, such as speed, number of shots, spaces covered, disposal of the departments, extension of the gaming area, mass centers and distribution of presence in the field, which allow an overall and detailed analysis by the tactical and team coach. All data can be used in real time using the WHEARE web application, both on the sidelines and in the non-professional version in the amateur field.


Mirko Antonini

SpaceEXE srl is a technology company whose goal is the design and development of IoT devices based on GNSS, whose value proposition is accuracy in positioning, miniaturization, optimization of energy consumption and telecommunications and the multi-platform sensor.

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