Exhibitors 2018


AIR POllutants Detector (AIRPOD): A lowcost, low power and light weight environment monitoring system. The design is developed to be easily installed on a mobile vector like a drone, a car or a boat.
Augmented Reality
A Mobile user interface, based on augmented reality technologies, to bring to light hidden energy usage of household appliances. Powered by Nexus-Tlc.
Unina Racing Team shows its third car realized for Formula SAE 2018 competition. The main feature of the car is the use of innovative materials and unconventional processes to realize some components.
GMEE Naples
An innovative 3D printed circular support for improvement of Rogowski coil based current sensors performance.



Arpaia Pasquale, Francesco Bonavolontà, Francesco Serino, Ferdinando Chianese, Luca Porzio, Rosario Schiano Lo Moriello, Edoardo Campoluongo, Annalisa Liccardo

Pasquale Arpaia (pasquale.arpaia@uniina.it) is Professor of
Instrumentation and Measurements at University of Napoli
Federico II (Italy) and Scientific Advisor of the High-Tech
FabLab DIETI Unina. He is Team Leader at European Organization
for Nuclear Research (CERN). His main research interests
include digital instrumentation and measurement techniques
for magnets, superconductors, power converters and cryogenics
of particle accelerators, evolutionary diagnostics, IoT-based
measurement systems, ADC modelling and testing.
Francesco Bonavolontà, Ph.D., is Research Fellow in the
Department of Electrical and Information Technologies at University
of Naples Federico II. His research activity is centered
in the area of Instrumentation and Measurement and is mainly
focused on developing of innovative DAS systems based on
Compressive Sampling Techniques, also including Internet of
Things devices for smart applications.
Rosario Schiano Lo Moriello is Assistant Professor of Mechanical
and Thermical Measurements at the University of Naples
Federico II, Department of Industrial Engineering. He is a founding
member of the HT DIETI Unina Fablab, and his current
research activities deal with IoT-based measurement and monitoring
platform, inertial measurement units for self-driving
vehicles and innovative strategies for efficient signal sampling.

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